Will Antivirus Software Always Block Viruses?

by Keith Williams
Virus En El Pc

This is such an important question which certainly warrants some attention. Computer support professionals offer assistance to individuals who have problems related to PC functionality. Some of these professionals report that almost 50% of the jobs they receive are as a direct result of one or other virus infection. The process of virus eradication varies greatly from being simple tasks sometimes, but at other times is complex and requires a great deal of skill. A real solution in this fight is to have reputable antivirus software installed on your PC.

Antivirus software comes in two flavors. They can be freely downloaded from the internet, or they may be purchased online or from an authorized distributor. The choice of paid versus free solutions is still a ball of contention amongst IT professionals. Those who advocate paid software base their opinion on reports from support personnel who claim that 90% of all infected PCs either have no antivirus software or have a free solution installed.

There are two free antivirus solutions we will deal with briefly within the context of this article. Both are reputable and are used by millions of users all around the world. The first one is AVG. This free antivirus software has one major drawback in that it is unable to intercept a threat before it encroaches on the PCs security. It has an excellent record for locating and dealing with viruses which have intruded. Because the virus must first infect a computer before being detected means that AVG needs to undo any changes the virus has inflicted before being detected. Not entirely ideal, but AVG does an excellent job.

The next free antivirus solution to come under our spotlight is Avast. In contrast to AVG it is able to intercept a potential intruder before it has the chance to infect your PC. Compared to AVG, Avast is able to performing preventative protection instead of system restoration. The main downfall with Avast is that security updates are not always as recent at what you get with the paid version. Some new viruses might be able to breach PC security. Although both of these free versions of antivirus software have loop holes they nevertheless offer great protection against many computer viruses.

Even though paid software is often preferred, is does not offer a total protection against computer viruses. There are viruses which are able to slip through the protective net of even the best paid solutions around.

Computer users should not become reckless when visiting the internet, even if they have an excellent antivirus application suite installed on their PCs. To ensure and enhance protection, all users should display savvy internet behavior. Beware of those unknown downloads and websites.

With all this said, it must be noted that no solution is able to provide total protection. Whether you go the free or paid route, both stables have application suites which are able to offer excellent protection against computer viruses. The choice is yours. Simply get a reputable solution and support its protective role by always displaying acceptable behavior when being online.

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