Why it is beneficial to own an Anti-Virus - antivirus reviews

by Keith Williams
Why it is beneficial to own an Anti-Virus - antivirus reviews

I begin today that there are many threats in our world today include drugs violence and theft but there have been many new threats to our home life which is in our homes every day and that is our computers. Computers over the years have grown into something that we use everyday that we need on average people spend about 5 to 6 hours on their computer daily so basically its almost like another family member that you have. I enjoy using my computer and I do not want to have any doubt that there are going to be problems when I surf the web or download programs for my computer. That is why people have the built was is commonly know in my opinion as the computer police the ant-virus program they are what stop your computer from getting viruses stopping your system from crashing and most of all making sure you do not lose any valuable information that you have maintained over the years through your computer. So In this article I will state so of the threats and why anti virus programs are beneficial to you.

One there are knew threats everyday to this new technological world and that is one it is called social engineering, This is people who are trying to get your information for example your credit card number and your social security number these people will do anything to receive you information so they can receive your information and use it to your own benefit and it can be done in many ways. For example say you use face book on a daily basis a lot of people do and you find your self typing your information on a wrong page they can find more information on you and spam your site and also get more information's and possibly your hard earned money. What anti-virus programs does is it looks into your computer already knowing what the threats of the possible web can be and warns you from those and gives you options to what is best for your computer and ideas on things that you may not even find a threat to your system and saving you a lot of time and effort. So again like I said before the computer police takes care of your system why you do not have to worry about a thing. Anti-virus has grown over the years because of all the viruses created in the world because what the programmers do is take those harmful viruses and write codes that fight against them. If you own a computer and you paid your hard earned money for it you owe it to yourself to protect your information from possible threats that may come to you in the future by possible threats.

To explain in detail what an anti-virus program does it blocks your computer from getting bad viruses and malware because it has programs that block it from doing harm to your computer its like having 20 lineman in front of your hardrive ready to block any incoming threats that may be done to your computer. Another topic I would like to bring up is why would you not want to have something that is only going to benefit your computer and benefit your live and they update the software all the time so those new viruses are not a threat to you and you do not have to worry about anyone going in and stealing your things or messing up your computer. I have had heard horror stories of people losing all their memory and all their system files and they wish they had more protection for their computer so do not be that person who loses all their information. A lot of the anti-virus programs are very cost effective to they can work with you on price some even have free trials to where you can see that your computer is running faster and smarter because you do not have the threat of those pesky viruses on your computer. It is beneficial to have anti-virus protection because without you are taking that risk of what if and no one wants the risk the best way to put it is like going into a battle without a shield you know what you can fall victim too without a shield. Plus a lot of the brands look cool and they will add a little style to your computer and will show people that you care more about your computer and are not someone who wants their information to be lost you are important and of course your information is too. If you have the time I want you to at least look into some of the anti-virus program software and see for your self the antivirus reviews people save. There are free versions out there some may do the job for you but are not as good as the one you have to pay for and they have update information and again with downloading some things off the internet it actually may be a virus itself so watch out for those free bargains because in the end they can break your computer. It really makes browsing the internet a lot easier and smoother because it builds a firewall to where there are no intrusions and again lets you know of possible risks that may come from entering a site or downloading something but at least you know when you are going into something instead of going into it head on, and don't forget to read latest antivirus reviews. I have found that your computer will last on average at least twice as long because of the protection and the security there is no where in tear because the antivirus program protects your computer from possible intrusions on multiple levels.

The risk now days on your computer can be vast but the one I would like to take some time out and explain to you is putting financial information on your computer without protection from antivirus programs. In my opinion you should not even put any financial information on your computer with out antivirus software because it is to easy for these hackers and people who have created viruses to get into your system and steal that information. So if you want to keep your files safe you ought to have protection it is always better to be safe than sorry and that is the truth in life about everything why worry about your computer let the software do the worrying for you so that way you can have a safe and easy experience on the web with your pc or Mac. I feel that the best defense is a good offense and with this is fights those pesky viruses again without a bat of an eye and warns you to what mistakes you may be making and there is low maintained to it you do not even have to worry about something attacking your computer and a lot of the programs guarantee they will make your system run better and also make a better a safe way of surfing the web at any point in time.

Also when using the internet there are many threats like I have stated previously and one of the big one is those pesky spam folders that have a lot emails that may come through that could harm your system and again they can do a lot of damage in a simple amount of time. You read the email next thing you know you have a virus that cripples everything you do on the computer but with antivirus programs they stop that from happening in the simplest form they see the potential threat they know what is coming and they stop it pretty good for something that will only cost you about 15 dollars a month and in the end might end up costing you thousands or even priceless things in the future on your computer. Number one thing I like about the programs is simplicity using these programs you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure them out you only have to know what you are doing and follow some simple installation steps and bam just like that you have a Spartan shield ready to protect you from battle when you go on the world wide web and have fun as you surf the web with your body guard next to you ready to go giving you tips and tricks along the way. Installation is not long either you probably can get everything done in one sitting and be surfing the internet in the sitting as well and learn a little more about your computer and what was previously on there and what was affecting your computer and how the program is going to clean that up for you. I have talked about many things here and why antivirus programs are so important. Every important computer in the world with something to lose does not matter how big or small should have some type of anti-virus protection I mean when you were about 5 did we not all get shots to protect us from these like the measles and the chicken pox and things like that. You owe it to your computer to get it the protection it needs and I'm telling you will see great advancement to your computer.

The firewall that is built from the program is the best in standards and will show you that surfing can be a care free thing so do not worry about pesky anything anymore don't worry about those social engineers as long as you have protection you will have nothing to fear when surfing on your computer. Also most of the time when you buy a computer I think they should let you know about software that they can install and what is the best for your system see here is the thing all antivirus programs claim to be great and they are for the most part but they all do the same thing and that is protect you and your family from potential harm and I know that with my new family that I have starting up here I want the best protection and the best software available that way I do not have to worry about nothing on my computer. To restate what I said earlier the reason that you should you a antivirus program and why it is beneficial in case you didn't read the whole article is one to protect you from pesky social engineers to give your self the peace of mind you deserve when you get on the computer and also how to protect those things on your computer that is priceless to you such as financial information and pictures that can be priceless to you. Also the model of your computer can be the a problem to say your using a little bit of an older computer and you look and you see that this computer has a lot of viruses for it your more at risk to receive problems that's why even more you should have an antivirus program to stop again those pesky viruses from intruding on your computer. Although you may have to do some research, which program is the best for your computers performance I think that is well worth on what is at stake. I enjoy going on the computer and having a piece of mind that I will have a safe experience on anything I do and I think you owe to yourself to get the protection that you deserve especially if you paid hard earned money for your computer. Things to remember antivirus programs can be fun because they give you a sense of having a care free style they stop predators and spammer from getting into your system and they are all at a decent price with someone who owns a nice computer can have something that protects their system.

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