Why do we need Antivirus programs - antivirus reviews

by Keith Williams
Why do we need Antivirus programs - antivirus reviews

We need anti virus for 6 big reasons one is too keep us safe from harm that can be done from viruses. See our computer although It may look very stable is a very fragile thing and with the wrong virus in your system there can be many complications and destroy your computer without you knowing and it is quick too. Viruses are not a new thing that were first formed from floppy disks and the original hunch is that they were created by some one in a laboratory in order to take down military computers but that is a big assumption we do not know that for sure but there are viruses and there is much speculations behind them that this was the cause for it. Our computers are now run today with special software that is very fragile and the slightest virus can take down our whole system in a blink of an eye. I enjoy discussing the materials because without it there would be a lot of people who are in the dark and they need to know why antivirus programs are so great and what is best for world of computers.

Another big reason why antivirus programs is to protect us from what is called social engineers these are people who look into your computer and try to steal your personal information that will in turn steal your hard earned money through digging and get such things like credit card, social security number, bank statements and even possible pictures of yourself. These people all they want is a way into your computer to gain access to your files and they now commonly use this material for what is called identity theft where they take your personal information and pretend to be you and buy things online with your hard earned money that is a shame when people lose things because of identity theft although it use to be really small back in the day it has grown into a career for some people. Although with antivirus programs we can let you know of possible threats and what is there to look for to stop a social engineer never give any information such a passwords or anything that you would think would help someone pretend to be you. Antivirus programs see those things and look into your computer and protect you from possible intrusions in the future they let you know with a simple question like, will you let this person have access to your computer with a warning that is set up through a firewall which will stop intrusions from coming by letting you know. Also an antivirus program will stop it because they are also a form of virus that is easily detected spying on your programs when looking at sites that can give you risk your only hurting your self when you do not have protection.

Next big thing the reason you need antivirus programs so that your computer is not bogged down with registry errors that makes your computer slow, no one wants a slow computer it is already bad enough we have to wait at all with the speed but with all those errors caused by virus a simple picture download may cause you to restart your whole system, and don't forget to get as much informed as possible by reading antivirus reviews articles. I like a fast computer a fast clean computer and I am sure everyone else does too so antivirus programs again sees these threats and stops them in their tracks by putting blocks on them and making your computer a whole lot faster because if there are to many on the computer already It may make your computer slower but it needs time for It to do work to get rid of all the cookies on the computer. I have dealt with pesky register errors they are devil in my opinion because when I am on the computer I want to get where I am going without worrying about a thing. To keep your computer safe you need to regularly check your antivirus programs from updates and also keep cookies and capuche cleared on your computer or you are in a world of a slow computer. By deleting the cookies you are getting rid of the previous history and if you do not think that helps it does because with ad the history your computer could slow down very quickly. So make sure to delete regularly check your antivirus programs from update and most importantly watch which sites you visit because they could be harmful to your system.

Everyone's least favorite in the world pop up viruses they are caused by a link which has a virus in it they pop up and they never stop popping up, I have seen a computer with hundred often on their and they cause your computer to break down and not work, what an antivirus program does is stops you from going to that original link which may hurt your system. Again with a friendly reminder it will say that this link may cause a threat do you want to proceed and that is the best thing you can do is stay away from links like that. My least favorite that I have seen is the rick roll virus what it is a virus that is caused by you clicking on a link that has it on their what it does is it play an annoying song and it dances around the screen so you cannot exit out of it this is the most annoying thing in the world because you try to click it and the window moves and then when you finally get to it they say are you sure you want to leave and you have to restart your computer possibly losing work that you have slaving over for hours. I have learned from experience on that one that is why I wish I had antivirus program that would have told me hey do not click that because if you do your in for a world of hurting and that would have made all the difference in the situation. I have had this happen to before when I was working on a project I was typing and I was about half way through my article when I was researching an piece when I clicked on to this funny logo and my screen starting going crazy with pop ups they were everywhere I could not stop them from dancing all over my screen, I got so upset I tried to close every single one of them down but I could not do it they were everywhere and finally I have to turn off my whole computer but with an antivirus program it would have stopped all those things from happening and I would have not had to write my paper all over again. So another reason why you should have an antivirus program is that those pesky pop ups can never again pop up on your screen again.

Next reason why you should invest in anti virus software is for the protection of your hardrive the thing that stores all your information such as picture movies software even books that you have been writing or business material. Things like that people love to destroy with viruses and they use them to make sure that you lose everything and that is why you need protection from these people who get enjoyment out of making those worm viruses that eat up your whole computer and basically over work your hardrive to the point to where it fry’s the whole system. What antivirus program does is takes the problem that you have and then deletes the whole thing and your computer like a vaccine knows the answer to that problem from now on and that way you know that you are safe from your hardrive crashing in an instance and you have the fair warning of knowing whether if a file is potentially harmful to the user of the computer. I enjoy knowing that my computer is safe from harm with anti virus programs. Your hardrive carry’s so much information based on what system you are using it could almost thousands of irreplaceable pictures that can never be put back. Or it could be business files that you and your company or client are counting on and without them you could lose everything on your system and your lively hood you owe it to yourself to protect yourself from harm that could be caused by these viruses that go strictly after your hardrive you have to watch because they world fast too.

Next big thing that I would like to discuss is blue screen what cause your computer to go to a blue screen the original error screen that takes your computer to the point that is has to shut it self down or put its self in boot mode. That can be caused by many things a virus that has reeked havoc and your computer trying to save itself by shutting itself down but every time now that you turn on your computer you get this pesky blue screen that you do not know how to get rid of which may cause you many problems such as loss in memory complete wipe of hardrive or even the frying of the precious motherboard which makes the computer whole. Again and Ill say at least two more times with an antivirus program it will go in an stop what is causing this making sure that your computer is safe and you do not get those pesky blue screen from every forming again. I have also dealt with a computer that has gone into plus screen the whole operating system crashed on me because somehow I got a virus on my system and I could not get in to access any of my files because there again I had no protection. Antivirus programs usually cost around 20 dollars for a good one and they protect you from so many things you owe it to yourself not to be victim to all these viruses.

Last but not least on my list file corruption say you download something to your computer and when you download it says file corrupt with a good anti virus program you could see it was corrupt before even downloading it. A file corrupt can mean many things it could be just a bad file or it could be a virus in disguise looking to take apart your computer and also force it into submission. This happens mostly when you used illegal software to download music people download viruses on their because you are already doing illegal activity or they can even be on a site where it is free to listen but you never know where the virus may come from but it is certain that with that type of file corruption it is not good for your system and can make a very bad registry system which can again fry your system and hurt your computer in more ways in one. I like antivirus programs because its that net you need when surfing today's web its like having your own personal body guard and with out it you are risk to so many different things, I feel that as long as I deliver this message out and some people read it will show people with anti virus system you will find that you can surf the internet and be safe at the same time, you can open attachment's listen to music and not have to worry about pesky pop ups you will be free do as you please to do on your computer. You need to watch for these things that I have discussed in this article such as blue screens, pop ups, registry errors, viruses, and file corruption you need protection from these things because who knows what is more to come and what those pesky social engineers might come up with to get in your system.

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