Why Does My Computer Run Slow When Surfing The Internet?

by Keith Williams
Internet Pc

The internet has become an important part of our every day lives. We use it to communicate with our associates, family and friends. Some even use it for downloading videos and music. It has also become the place where many of our financial transactions are done. Because of all the time we spend online, having a slow-down PC when we surfing the internet can be an extremely frustrating experience. There are three situations which can cause our PCs to slow down, fortunately these can be remedied very easily.

Our RAM and CPU memory may not have enough resources to available when we are on the internet. This can be because of a number of reasons. We may unnecessary programs hogging our memory. Often these programs startup automatically when we start up windows. Check the startup group from the programs menu and remove any programs which are unnecessary. Make sure that you leave important programs such as antivirus software.

Sometimes software does not always release all the memory it uses when we close it down. Check the Task Manager in windows. This will give a list of any programs that may be running unnecessarily and using some of this precious memory. Delete it from the task list if there are any. This will also free up some memory which can be utilized for our online experience.

A second source of memory hogging may be from the cache. This is a portion of memory which is used when we surf the net. Many webpages have links and images that is downloaded when we surf. These links and images gets downloaded and stored in this cache. When we visit the same site again, the information is taken from the cache and the website is able to load faster. Some websites also need to download cookies onto your PC in order to make the website accessible. These also get stored in the browser cache. Make sure that you clean your browser memory regularly.

Any problems with your physical connection could also cause your computer to slow while being online. The problem get be the result of a bad connection. This could be the DSL or internet connection itself. Try to reboot your modem by removing the modem from your power supply for a short while. This could sort out some of the connection problems. If this does not work then it could be a good idea to give your service provider a call. They might be able to assist you in sorting out the problem. Besides the connection itself, check the modem and actual telephone line regularly.

Having your PC slow down and interfere with your online experience is a common and extremely frustrating experience. It does not always need to be that way. Whenever the problem sticks out its ugly head again, try following the steps discussed above. Most of the time it will sort out all of your internet connection problems.

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