What is the best antivirus software?

by Keith Williams
What is the best antivirus software?

This is a very hard question that many people have asked with the growing threats of the virus world growing day by day what is going to protect you in what is next to come. These people who make viruses plan on getting your information and stealing whatever you have just to get some information anyway they can even if it damages your system and leaves you with all your information gone. This is what they want and you owe to your self to get protected because you pay your hard earned money for these computers and you do not deserve to lose everything because of a pesky virus. That is why in the late 1980s there was programs created to fight these programs that were started on floppy disks, yes the first viruses were on floppy disk it is pretty hard to think about that but that is how it all started and these viruses would destroy these computers in minutes but with the anti virus programs that came out they grew protection from them and so that way your computer cannot be affected by that. You need a virus program that will help you in many ways well first and for most you need a programs that runs to your speed and that can keep up with you and not bog you down. Say you play computer games and your rely on your connection because you do not want to lag out or get shot because you were laggy and look like you are noob because that is the worst case scenario. That is why another reason you want a good program is because you do not want to lose your hard earned hours that you played a video game and it will all be a waste. Think about it you play these games for hours on end why would you want to waste an opportunity and have to start all over again when if you take your time and take care of your system you can make your system better and never have to worry about this problem ever again because you will be protected always. The best anti virus software is not one that stop viruses but stops viruses and works with your system and the same time so that way you are running together and there is nothing to worry about at all.

Another good point to bring up is how much do you want you spend on an anti virus program 20 dollars 30 dollars I am going to tell you right now that there are good programs for only about 25 dollars that will get the job done it is all about what you are wanting to put into the project. I have fun just using the good amount that comes with my pc It was given to me soon as I started it up because it was the best one chosen for my pc even though it did not know that I play video games a lot it made a good choice with simple and quick detection you have to really have your mind on the ball when your picking one and it does not hurt to have someone with a little experience telling you what is best for your pc unless you run a IT department you probably would not know what is best for your pc and there fore you should get someone with a little more expertise on the situations. People who are running a business need something that has quick detections because seconds that virus is on your computer can cause major damage to your system and you do not want that at all because there could be a lot of damage done in seconds that could steal your business information such as number software and things that are valuable at all, so you would want something with fast detection and something that is going to help you do something protect your system quickly and efficiently. For example say you have a business of your own and you have only like three computer where you run your business say one is more for you software and the other two are for your documentations and things that you need to protect what you should do is heavily protect the one that is being used to guard your software and have back ups for all the information because without it you could lose information very quickly and we all do not want that. So start by putting your computer with the most information spend a little more and get the best protection for it because without the best protection you are just likely to be caught in a virus or some type of malware and do not use your computer for leisure and if you do scan things before you download them because they could be a dangerous thing to your system and you do not want to be caught in something like that because it can really hurt your system. The best software is one that is going to protect your computers and everything to your needs you have to have something that will run at the same speed with you or even faster guar rating on the situation because you do not know what is going to best for your system at all. I enjoy having my computer being safe; it relieves stress off my shoulders, why am I not talking about a specific brand of anti virus software that is a good question.

See this article is going to explain thoroughly that there are many good anti virus programs out there but what is good for you computer and what is going to make you safer than the next person it is knowing what your computers needs are and what you are going to in your education against viruses. I find that people who make viruses are targeting certain types of people may it be a business man mostly, usually the small business man because they can steal small information easily because you do not have an IT department and someone who is monitoring your system at all times. I feel as thought that those people who do that look for the best malware to go in a tear your system up, they will say things like this is the best software and at first it will look good you will download it and then you will notice it catches a lot of threats but what it is actually doing is making those threats and then tearing up your computer at the same time grabbing information and making things that will hurt your computer more. To think about it deeply say you computer is one of your friends and you see that he or she is talking to someone that to you may be a little shady what the best thing you can do for that friend is warn them just like your anti virus warns you about the client that you may be trying to download and gives you that advice that saves your system from malfunctions. Now there is no guarantee that your anti virus program will catch ever virus out there because they make them every day and they are hard to catch all them just like a real virus they grow immune to things and start learning to get around. So when looking for anti virus program get one that is always downloading protection against the newest viruses because then you will have that database to fight against them and not have to worry about your losing any information because you are not going to have to worry. I say peace of mind is not having to worry about what is on your computer at all time it will now be your computers job to find these software a bugs and pesky viruses on your computer so that way you do not lose your precious information such as picture, downloads, software, and also any thing that would valuable to you at all you will have protection and not have to worry. You also want something that is really stealthy and is going to make sure that it is not easily detected because if it is the virus will hide somewhere else and do more damage to your system in no time flat which will leave your PC stuck in a dangerous place.

I have seen good computers destroyed because people did not pick the right software or what was best for them the best thing to do in the situation is looking for something that again works with your computer because as long as you do that you have no need to worry because you are working together with you antivirus program and you are a step ahead of the virus, the virus has only one track mind but with you both of you working together you double team the problem and that pesky virus is not yesterdays new. I find it best to look for help in all sorts of places such as television ads because you do not know what there is out there for you computer at all until you look so keep your options open do not pick the first one you see because again that can be very dangerous. The best thing to do is spin a wheel and pick the best one no I am kidding the best thing to do is find one your are interested and pick on that behalf.

You are going to want an antivirus program that has some type of smart chat, what I mean by smart chat that is someone you can talk to get information about viruses and best when the best times it is to do on your system. Keep your system clean as well take the extra steps and clean your cookies and history after every browser and stroll you take on the internet get rid of those files so they don't bog your computer down and make it so that you have a negative experience on your computer because it will be very slow. So that you do not have a negative experience you are going to want to find an article that works best with you and your computer that has a background of people who are friendly and smart that will help you and you can talk to on the phone or through a computer chat if your computer is up for it. Also you are going to want something that will fit your price range do not be afraid to spend upwards to around 30 dollars because these come with grantees and will help back up your information at all times. I like knowing the feeling that I am protected and I know you will too so do yourself a favor a look into everything you have and say what would be best am I business man that is needed of quick detection and a stealthy software or am I gamer that needs a virus program that runs as quick as I can click the buttons on my mouse. If you can answer those questions you probably will find a great match up and have a great experience and if you cannot then you can look what is the best and get help from professionals either through articles like these or even at your nearest computer store that runs with your computer on a perfect match. When picking an anti virus program remember you are picking like you have a partner and you are going to want to pick what is best for you and your crew and definitely you are going to want to keep scanning and stop those pesky viruses and bugs and malware clients. To sum it up you have to be ready for the viruses because you need a double team that will take them down in no time flat that will help you a lot.

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