What is Adware?

by Keith Williams
What Is Adware

The word adware is a derivative of the words advertising and software. Adware is used by their creators as a mechanism introducing their products and services to specifically targeted online users. This is achieved using techniques of spying on your online habits and behavior. By doing this, the adware is able to get an idea of what your interests are and if you will find their products of value. This is a clever way of targeting specific groups of users displaying similar interests.

These adverts are usually in the form of banners or pop ups to attract the attention. Most of these are harmless and are just an extreme source of annoyance. The biggest problem is that adware has become a tool of disguise used by some creators of spyware and other online threats. Using adware, they are able to hide their actual malicious threats, which then want to invade your computers privacy.

Adware is often relentless in its advertising strategies. In most cases their relentlessness has the opposite effect by upsetting and discouraging users to buy their products or services. Their creators also know that even if they only able to convince a minority of users to purchase, they have achieved their mission.

These online menaces and the annoyance they cause, also affect your computers performance. So it makes sense to have good anti-adware software installed on your system. This will aid in keeping your system functioning optimally and keeping your personal information safe from any preying eyes.

One issue that always surfaces is about the correct one to choose. This is complicated even further by the large number anti-adware solutions available to the user. To add more salt to this dilemma, there are free solutions as well as solutions that must be purchased. When cash strapped, a free solution might seem like the answer.

Although free anti-adware seems like a viable option, there are a few issues that require some consideration. Many of this free solutions are actually watered down versions of the paid for products. Some crucial or mission critical elements are often excluded, and this influences the effectiveness of the protection the software is able to offer. Some will be able to detect adware without a problem, but does not have the ability to eradicate the threat from your system. So it might be useful to look at commercial solutions which you pay for.

When investigating which anti-adware solution is correct for you, a few things needs to be considered carefully. Most of the consideration revolves around the type of threats it is able to deal with. Make sure that the solution you eventually decide on can detect spyware, adware, worms, malware, keyloggers, rootkits and dialers. It is also necessary to know that besides being able to detect these threats, it must also be able to eradicate them completely from your computer system. A good anti-adware solution must also be able to prevent your web-browser from getting hijacked.

Ease of use is an important factor. It is useless having the best adware solution installed and you are unable to interact with it. Then of course there is the question of program updates. With the constant flow of new threats hitting the online environment, it is essential to have a system which is updated regularly to cope with these newly released dangers.

All of this points to one thing. Understand what adware and its dangers are about, and make sure that you are able to make the correct choice when choosing a solution. There are many online resources which can aid you in making this vital decision.

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