Virus Removal, the 2011 Way

by Keith Williams
Virus Removal, the 2011 Way

There are many viruses around and as each year passes by they are increasing in ferocity and mode of action. One of the protocols these applications use is to request payment for services it wants to render. This usually follows on from a bogus scan of your computer system resulting in a report of an ensuing virus threat on your system that only the hackers application is able to eradicate. The request for payment usually asks for credit card information. This is the virus itself and is a total scam directed in misleading you.

Malware Bytes and SuperAntiSpyware were solutions that were formerly able to offer ample protection against such threats. However they have been surpassed by the advancement made in the different variants of viruses in circulation today. As a result these two packages are not as effective as previously in combating these new threats. With the new breed of viruses around, a new approach utilising a number of effective tools are required.

One of the main components of such a multi-package approach is Kaspersky Virus Removal tool 2011. This software is available and can be downloaded from the internet. It can be easily located by conducting a search using one of the popular search engines Once downloaded follow the instructions in the installation wizard. Once the software has been installed prepare it to run a full system scan by making sure that the option has been correctly selected. A full scan will take quite a bit of time to complete, but will give you an up to date report as threats are encountered. The software will request that you delete and isolate any threats it finds. Once everything has been completed and the threats been dealt with, the system must be reset. This is achieved by rebooting your computer.

Now that you have run a full scan with Kaspersky, still more work needs to be done to ensure complete detection and eradication of ensuing threats. This is because some threats are able to survive a scan with the Kaspersky software and remain undetected. Most of the undetected threats will probably be malware which can only be detected and removed software which has tools specific for detecting and destroying malware. To be able to achieve this Malware bytes software is a worthy addition to your detection and protection arsenal. Malware bytes will be able to run a complete scan of your system by following a few simple instructions.

Following Kaspersky and Malware bytes your system will almost be free all viruses and malware except for a few remaining remnants. These can be effectively dealt with when you add a third application to your arsenal for protection. Combo Fix is an excellent choice as the third component of your multi-software approach to cleaning your computer. It will do a good job in cleaning up the malicious remnants that were still on your computer. Combo Fix likes to perform its task totally uninterrupted. So it is important that all existing anti-virus software be disabled before running Combo Fix.

Such a three-prong arsenal will do a great job in cleaning your system for all virus and malware threats that might be harbouring in its safety.

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