Trojan Virus Removal Techniques for Mac and Windows Operating Systems

by Keith Williams
Trojan Virus

The Trojan virus does an excellent job in disguising itself as being a reputable and computer safe file. This deceives the user into innocently downloading the file which then changes the computers user interface and also deletes important files and folders. Remote PCs are the main targets of Trojan virus, which is able to infect both the Mac and Windows Operating System.

The first step in removing the virus from a Mac computer is to startup the machine while depressing the “Shift” key and initializing the antivirus software. Commence with the actual detection and deletion by highlighting your computer after selecting the view button. This is followed by selecting Scan/Repair.

Close the antivirus software and restart the computer to determine in the Trojan has been removed. Once everything id in order again, empty the trash can.

Removing a Trojan virus from a Windows computer is a bit more involved. The initial step is to stop the System Restore function. This is done by entering the computer via the Start button found at the bottom left of the screen, and opening the Properties option of My Computer. Select the System Restore tab and check the Turn Off System Restore box and click Apply with the mouse followed by OK.

Before you run the antivirus software, first download and install the latest virus definitions from the antivirus software website. Scan the computer and follow the instructions to remove the virus. Jot down the path where it is located. Run regedit to access the computer's backup registry and delete the reported Trojan entry from the registry entry. The Run box is found by selecting the Start button. Next exit the registry.

Restart the computer to ascertain if the virus has been removed. If everything is back to normal, do not forget to turn on the System Restore again.

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