Things That You Need to Know About the Paid and Free Anti-Virus

by Keith Williams
Things That You Need to Know About the Paid and Free Anti-Virus

Computers in many instances have become one of the modern day essential tools which are utilized in a variety of diverse situations. They are employed by business for business documents. Scholars and students use computers for many study related tasks such as research, homework and other information.

Their utilization has been stepped up even further relative to the huge increase in internet capacity. With the internet, online users had a huge variety of websites to choose from which allowed them to watch their favorite movies or listen to their music, play games, etc. Many sites on the internet offer tons of useful information, which include information on various products, education, science and technology, etc. The list is endless. With all this expansion and availability of choice, there is also a call for caution. Some websites are unsafe as they are populated with viruses that want to enter your computer with the intention of either stealing or rendering your stored information inaccessible.

With the increase in the number of online threats, computer security software vendors actively develop products which are able to combat and offer protection against these malicious threats. Some of these products are available freely and may be downloaded from trusted sites on the internet. There are also many which are available commercially and are available from authorized sellers at a price. Both of these options have their pros and cons.

The availability of anti-virus software, be it the free ones from the internet or the commercial ones bought from authorized sellers, give online users some peace of mind in that they may now be able to access the internet with the assurance that their computer systems are protected. Your must still maintain a high standard of vigilance on the internet as the number of viruses increase practically on a daily bases.

The two parties, paid versus free software, each have their own faithful followers. Those who trust and go for the paid option are of the knowledge that by paying you are assured of getting a better product with a greater level of protection. Vendors have also addressed this view by having many useful utilities for protection bundled with their products. The free anti-virus fraternity on the other hand believe that the software is easily available and when it comes to performance it often outstrip its commercial counterparts. The serious lobbyist in this group supporting the free option stress that they will never consider going the paid route again.

There are some users who of the opinion that when something is free it will be of inferior quality and will not have a long life-span. Both parties agree that the products are comparable on the quality of protection they offer. On the subject of maintaining protection that is always current and up to date, paid software is usually supplemented with the latest anti-virus protection automatically on a daily bases as soon as they go online. Those who use free anti-virus software often have to do the updates manually, which can be a bit of a disadvantage.

When installing paid software you are usually provided with a detailed of instructions, and when all else fails, there is a huge support industry willing to assist you. Free software on the other hand is usually easy download and install. The internet offers a huge base on information if you have installation problems.

So if your system is not protected with any anti-virus software, you need to get out there immediately and obtain the protection tour system requires. The choice of paid or free is up to you. Either way your computers will be protected from the onslaughts from the online threats.

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