Spyware Prevention – 6 Tips To Prevent Spyware Infection

by Keith Williams
Spyware Prevention

Spyware has been written exclusively for one purpose. To keep an attentive eye on everything you do on the web, while remaining totally unnoticed. It still remains as one of the most abundant software threats we can find.

A popular phenomenon occurs in the presence if spyware is the constant occurrence of advertisements which start to occur on your computer in the form of pop ups. Additional indicators that your computer may be infected with spyware are a decrease in computer performance.

Just bear in mind that that the annoying adverts is one aspect and does not really display the main purpose for what it was created in the first place. Spyware is excellent in remaining undercover while it systematically collects and transfers you personal information. This could be used in both online and other criminal activities.

Be aware that spyware and malware such as viruses and worms are two totally different kettles of fish. Spyware has been designed as a tool for gaining a business advantage and does not multiply itself in the same fashion that malware does. But the possibility of spyware occurring in isolation on your computer system is very seldom the case. Usually other dangers have also bridged your PCs defenses compounding the severity of the situation.

The following precautionary measures will assist you in safeguarding your environment.

You must be in a position to monitor your computers usage at all times; and should not make a distinction between children, youth or anyone else. A large number of individuals love frequenting unfavorable sites which are often sources from where spyware are able to initiate a strike. The use of Parental Controls allows you to disallow visitation of unfavorable websites, as well as internet activities which may include keyword searches, the downloading of files.

There are numerous sites which are known to be associated with spyware action. These include adware which is a form of advertising software often spread by visiting porn or adult sites. Frequenting such sites may increase your computers vulnerability to succumbing to threats which could include Trojans, keyloggers and viruses.

Pop up adverts often look like the real thing. Don't be fooled and avoid them at all costs. Clicking on them could infect your computer system with numerous pop ups and advertisements. There are some extremely common pop ups that warrants being avoided. Included is the type requesting a simple “Yes” and “No” or “Cancel” response, which transmits spyware to your computer irrespective of the option selected. Some pop ups also have a false X which is found below the genuine “X” for terminating or closing a window.

Never open an email attachment from an unknown source even if it appears to be genuine. Most of the time it includes spam combined with spyware able to harm your PC. If you feel uneasy of attachments from friends or associates, then rather request that they resend it included in the message. This will negate the necessity of download and thus circumventing the possibility of being infected. Pictures may alternatively be placed on specific sharing sites from where they can be viewed or downloaded safely.

There are many sites such as Kazaa which have become high risk areas for computers as they often house spyware and adware. Their claim that all of their software is adware free is often an untruth. Unfortunately many who visit these sties in search of music and software files do not take the necessary precautionary steps.

Last and not least to apply in your fight against spyware and malware infections is the use of reputable antivirus software. This will ensure that your environment is always protected and will not be compromised by the numerous other risks such as viruses, Trojans and hackers to the spyware onslaught. Make use of a reputable antivirus program such as Kaspersky Antivirus.

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