Set Up Your Antivirus, Most People Don’t, and Then Blame the Antivirus When a Bug Gets In

by Keith Williams

To be able to understand the steps that you need to take in setting up your antivirus, there is some important information that you should acquaint yourself with. Make sure that you know the name of your antivirus provider, the frequency with which the software updates itself and that your have a fair understanding of what a virus definition is.

Ensure that you are able to perform a scan of your computer on your own and that you keep track of when was the last time that your computer system was subjected to a full antivirus scan. You must also know when and how the antivirus software was loaded onto your computer in the first place. Did you do it personally or where you dependent on a third party to load it for you. Also ensure that you have an honest opinion about how easy you are able to use the software, or do you to investigate using an alternate antivirus program.

It is imperative that you have a clear knowledge on all of the above matters; else your system could be under attack right now under your nose without you even being aware of it. Not a good situation to be in, but one can be avoided if you acquaint yourself the whole concept surrounding antivirus infections and how these threats may be circumvented.

These are important questions which have been put to many people who have the computers repaired. When addressed on the subject matter of ways of affectively protecting a computer and being knowledgeable about the above the response gave a reason for great concern. Only a few had some knowledge, while there were even a large number of people who had no knowledge at all. So at least do not feel inferior if at the present moment you too are not familiar with all of the above.

It appears that a new approach in passing on this information and skills to everybody out there needs to be relooked. This approach might have to exclude all of the technical terminology used when dealing with this matter, and rather introduce a fresh approach. One such approach to consider might be to investigate the introduction of antivirus systems which are user friendly in their operation and in system optimization.

Unfortunately this matter is not so easily solved, but what will follow here is same information to increase your understanding about the whole area of virus protection and antivirus software. Hopefully this will better equip you to be able to fine your system to meet your current computer security needs.

When installing your software, take time to read the information on the screens as you proceed. By ignoring and not practicing this, some important information you are required to know could go a begging.

Before you download and install any antivirus software, spend some time doing your own research. There are many forums and resources on the internet geared toward sharing vital information on the subject matter.

You could also start off your research about antivirus solutions by buying a computer magazine dealing with such issues. These publications are usually excellent in reporting product by product comparative studies.

Be careful of marketing tricks. A widely marketed product does not always relate to it being the best one for the job. Often manufacturers only install a particular solution on their systems due to the fact that they were offered a great deal by the antivirus software company.

Let’s hope that these few thoughts and ideas are a starting point from where you will be able to take your existing knowledge about computers and be able to apply it at a new level. As with anything we do in this life, we are constantly learning new concepts regarding our personal existence.

You need to learn all the tricks to ensure the safety of your precious information and prevent viruses and the hackers from invading your privacy.

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