Repairs and Fixes for Damaged Files Caused By Viruses

by Keith Williams

If you have been affected by a computer virus, then there are a few things you can do to repair the damage. Many viruses affect your computer by infecting either executable files needed to run your programs or some of the vital files required by these executable files. Your software will not work and you will be plagued by pop ups requesting what executable file you want to run. Fortunately some of the methods for rectifying these types of problems are not too difficult.

The damage caused by the virus infiltrating your executable file or its associated files results in a loss of association between these files. This can be fixed by an easy solution found online. You need to run a Google search using “exe file association registry fix” which will direct you to web pages from where the solution can be downloaded. Once downloaded and run, the application will request permission import information into your system registry. Upon confirmation it will do this necessary modification and your system will be ready to function normally again.

Following an attack by a computer virus on your system certain files and programs usually found in the Start menu may have disappeared, or so it seems. The mode of action taken by many users is to format their hard drive and start from a clean slate again. Often this is not required as the missing files and programs are just hidden. By searching for “unhide.exe” on Google you will be able to find and download solution.

Many of these types of damage caused by computer viruses and their solutions may be found at an extremely useful forum website. The site of the forum site is called “bleeding computer” and offers most of the solutions available for eradicating such viruses from your computer as well as procedures to follow to repair the damage caused.

The best line of defense is to be vigilant when going online, and not to display reckless behavior in the sites you visit and the files you download. Become knowledgeable about what sites on the web are definitely no go zones and which not. No application found on the internet which requests permission to scan your computer may be trusted. This will give you added protection against the newer and more ferocious viruses around such as rootkits which are able to do an insurmountable degree of damage. Even the best computer anti-virus software such as Kaspersky for example, has loopholes which can allow certain threats through. Your online behavior will assist these solutions in keeping your computer free from all of these dangers.

Emails have also emerged as a major area for launching virus attacks. Do not open any mail from unknown sources, even if they look how authentic. Even if emails received from friends do not seem safe or have unfamiliar links, rather enquire about it first.

We also live in a time period where social networks have taken the world by storm. The coders of these malicious viruses have also taken note and have started to use this mode of communication as another target area. When frequenting these popular sites, you have to be aware that they may also be targeted and do not follow any unknown or unfamiliar links. It could be a link to a virus or other online threat wanting to gain entry to your computing environment.

With the correct tools and by displaying the correct online behavior, you give your computer system its best chance of fighting off these threats and to remain infection free.

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