Remove PC Malware and Viruses From Your Computer

by Keith Williams
Remove PC Malware and Viruses From Your Computer

The word malware is a derivative of the words malicious and software. Malware is in fact a small application. This type of application is developed with the intention of breaking into your computer system with malicious intent. Once it has achieved successful entry, it will go about stealing your sensitive information and hogging your systems resources. It can also prevent computer access and in some cases malware can even by quite abusive. It is important to become acquainted with strategies which will assist in eradicating malware and viruses from your computer system.

Initially most adware or malware did not do any malicious damage when infecting a computer. In most cases, these applications were more of an annoyance and were probably released by pranksters. With time, developers of these little programs gave them more destructive and invasive tasks. Today there are many malware in circulation which hare capable of doing extensive damage to your computer and operating system.

Many of the people who release their malware into circulation are out to try and make some money from the individuals whose PCs they invade. Some of these programs, which are also called spyware, try to steal your information, advertise their wares using pop up screens on your PC or they even redirect you to their web pages when you serve the internet. All of these actions are to try and get you to purchase their bogus services or products.

These spyware produce different types of pop up screens used to produce different responses from the users. One of the most common pop ups used reports that the computer system has been infected with a virus or malware. It then carries on encouraging the infected user to buy the ultimate solution that only their creator can offer. Sometimes these adverts are further pronounced and even use distasteful imagery as a mechanism.

The creators of malware also use a popular procedure where the infected computer becomes a proxy server infecting other computers with their malicious applications and spam. In this way they are able to increase the number of computers exposed to infections, while their location is kept secured. Computers used as these anonymous proxies are also called Zombie computers. Using this technique, the perpetrators make it more difficult for the authorities to track and prosecute them.

With all of these developments, vendors of computer security software have had to shift some of their attention to the development of antidotes for neutralising threats from malware and adware. The result is that there are many programs available which provide protection for worms and Trojans in real time in addition to detecting and deleting viruses already present on the computer.

With the release of new viruses and adware on practically a daily bases, vendors release new definitions as regularly to effectively fight off the scourge. As the user it is of utmost importance to keep your computer security solution current. This will ensure that when it scans your computers registry, system files and programs the software will be able to detect and remove even recently released online threats.

Personally you can also do your part to assist. Ensure that the pop up blocker of your web browser is activated and delete files from file sharing networks. It is also good practice not to open emails from unknown sources, or non-legitimate links even if send by friends.

If you suspect that your computer has been infected, it is best to call in the assistance of a professional immediately. This could prevent serious damage to your computer. Also invest in good anti-virus and anti-malware software.

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