Protecting Yourself Against the Google Redirect Virus

by Keith Williams
Protecting Yourself Against the Google Redirect Virus

These viruses are responsible for causing a major disruption in the online experience of many personal and business computers users. When clicking a link in a search result from one of the search engines, you find yourself being redirected to a totally unrelated website. The most common of these types of viruses is encountered on Google.

The creators have developed them in order to redirect the online user to two types of websites. The first type of site usually contains adverts or affiliate links which are an attempt of the vendor to earn some money. The second type of website is more dangerous as it is often densely populated with malware which wants to infect your PC with viruses who are out to do malicious damage. There are some precautionary actions you can take to minimize the possibility of encountering this threat.

A reliable computer anti-virus program which includes online protection is always a good starting point. There is a free one that is able to give you this type of protection called Avast. It includes a special feature called a web shield which checks and tries to intercept these online threats from malware and viruses. Although it is not 100% effective, it will offer protection against the well-known dangers who usually infringe on computer security from the web. The software is also able to offer you're a good protection by performing real-time scanning of downloaded files.

There are different browsers whom individuals use for going online, and these all offer the user different levels protection. Information of these levels of protection these popular web browsers offer can easily be obtained by doing a simple search on Google. One web browser which is well known and is able to provide a high level of security is Firefox. It comes with a number of add-ons for additional security. These might impede your online experience a bit, but at least you will have the added protection.

Besides relying on software some easy common-sense practices will go a long way in protecting you from this class of online threat. Whenever on the internet, be vigilant of which sites you visit. Avoid sites that are unfamiliar. Never download suspicious looking files. When links are received via email from an unknown source, never click on it. Apply the same rule for any suspicious link or file, even from someone you may know. The same type of danger also exists on chat and social-networking sites.

These steps will assist you in protecting your computer system from Google redirect virus; unfortunately it can still escape through your protective net. When it has managed to bridge your computer security, minimize the damage by eradicating it as soon as possible. Many of the common anti-virus software available are unable to remove the virus once it is on your PC. It is able to achieve this by attaching itself to critical system files, a technique commonly used by root-kits when they gain access to a computer system.

Software has been developed to specifically to find and eradicate the Google redirect and other browser type viruses. The software is able to sniff out the registry keys and a system file inhabited by the virus and is able to remove it quickly and effectively.

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