Program to Remove Spyware and Adware

by Keith Williams

Many users are under a total misconception that when the computer is protected with good anti-virus software, they can through caution to the wind and frequent any sites on the internet no matter their content. Unfortunately such behaviour may result in a rude awakening. You still need to be vigilant and may need specialised software to protection against other online threats such as adware and spyware.

Such irresponsible behaviour is similar to sexual promiscuity. Even though you might be using protection such as a condom you must still practice responsible sexual behaviour. The more partners you allow into your apartment, the greater the risk, and later things of value such as money of jewellery could start to disappear.

As you frequent various unsolicited sites, other online threats may be able to enter your computer system and result in not so pleasant consequences. It is important to make some investment in getting hold of reputable adware and spyware protection software. It is also even better if such software is able to run quietly in the background and able to intercept any of these threats before they are able to gain entry to your system.

There is a marked difference between adware and spyware. Adware is used by its developers to try and generate income from selling products or services. This type of infection is generally a cause of annoyance to the computer user. Spyware on the other hand is malicious. Its purpose is to infiltrate the computers defences and then to pass on sensitive information such as IDs and banking details to its developers.

One of the main sources of such infections results from downloading free software from the internet. The adware and spyware often piggy-back on these programs and are able to gain entry to your system when the software is installed. When you download software, only do this from trusted sites. However, sometimes trustworthy sites can be hacked and may be used to infect visitors with malware without their owners being aware of what is happening. Be aware that any downloading from any site could be a potential source of malicious threats.

Unsolicited sites which promote promiscuity and similar activities have been associated with the spread of many adware and spyware applications. Don’t be fooled, there are other sources as well. These applications of ill intent also house themselves in other files such as screensavers, emoticons used in emails, games, etc. The list just has no end.

With all of this it is realised that having good anti-virus software is essential but is not enough. It needs to be supplemented with excellent anti-malware which will offer protection against adware and spyware threats. These can usually be downloaded and installs easily. Upon installation most software will restart the system and automatically scan your PC for any threats that might be lurking around. The software then reports the dangers lurking on your system. Most software offering protection against malware operates in real-time. This simply means that it remains active in the background enabling it to intercept the threats before they break through the computers defences.

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