PC Security – What’s the Biggest Threat to Your Computer?

by Keith Williams
PC Security – What’s the Biggest Threat to Your Computer?

Currently there are many dangers on the internet which are detrimental to PCs. Some of these may be able to cause grievous damage, while others are just a huge nuisance. The problem is that many of these dangers exit on flash drives, hard drives and CDs in addition to being found on the internet.

Any computer system is exposed to a host of risks. Some of these risks such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms are regulars. Amongst the less commonly found internet threats are keyloggers, rootkits, hackers, etc.

Many of these threats may be devastating to your computing environment. The resulting consequences could include in a total loss of your data, or your hard drive may be incapacitated or your personal details may even be under threat of being passed on to a malicious third party. Hackers are even to intrude your PC and then used it to attack other computers. In this type of attack the hacker incorporates your computer in a botnet.

With all of these dangers which have been discussed, there is just one more great danger that deems mentioning. It seems strange, but that danger is in fact you. And there are many reasons for including you on this list.

The manner in which you conduct your activities on the PC is a huge factor which impacts on well it will be able to deal with a malware or hacker attack. The contributing factors are the online sites your frequent and which types of software downloads you currently are fond of doing and in fact all of your online activities. All of these factors influence the susceptibility of your computers to malicious attacks. You may have the best protection solution out there, but your online habits may still place your system in a position which renders it an easy target for a successful attack.

It is totally foolish to engage in any cyber activity without having the protection of antivirus software. Without this in place the possibility of an attack from a malware threat will always be a probability. Most of these attacks usually originate engaging in downloading software, communication via e-mail or visiting inappropriate sites. The problem is that rectifying such damage is always a costly affair.

Free antivirus software including Windows Defender cannot block many of the recently written harmful threats. Many of them also do not have the ability to setup secure firewalls nor do they include anti-phishing applications. These free applications are therefore not able to provide real water tight computer security.

Frequenting non-reputable websites also increase your susceptibility to risk. These non-reputable sites include sites containing pornographic material, sites which disguise themselves as being genuine online shops or charity sites, and the many phishing sites. It is good practice to avoid these sites completely as they are infested with malware just waiting for the opportunity to attack and compromise your computer. These threats are written by dangerous people who only have one goal in mind and that are to bridge your computer security in order to steal your information. They are also actively producing new bits of malicious code daily.

Many online users have adopted the dangerous hobby of searching the internet for illegal downloads. These should be refrained from at all costs as by engaging in such activity you again expose your PC security to the full might of malicious attacks. These sites are the playground for many of these coders where they are easily able to let their malicious application on the loose. Your compromise not only your computer security but also place your personal information at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Watch over your online activities and adopt an approach that will keep your internet experiences safe. Also ensure that the protection you have is good enough to offer protection from online threats, but also from threats who try to access your PC from external media.

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