Is Your Internet Running Slow

by Keith Williams
Slow Internet

There is many reasons why your internet could be running slow, you could have been searching and went on the wrong site and it makes your computer slow because it gives you a virus and makes your computer that much slower. People find all kinds of ways to make money these days and just like criminals who steal there are people who steal from you on the computer by stealing your personal information they can make money with things like your social security number, your bank statements these people are called social engineers, the scum of the planet all they are looking for is a way to get information just to get some money off of you and exploit you as much as they can. There is also the possibility of registry errors on your PC that is developed over time from exit out of programs or incorrectly shutting down you PC when it is being loaded causing your computer to crash and having some files left which could make your computer slow and your internet even slower. We have came up with many things that could make your computer slow there is the possibility of things that can hurt your computer when you visit websites if you do not have a pop blocker get one make sure that it is on because it will have your system running even slower because to many programs opened at one time may be the capacity for your computer and that will make it slow like a turtle and we want it fast like the hare. Best way to explain it is when you are surfing the web you collect dust and particles every time you click on a link it will make your computer slow because every thing has dust it leaves a trace of you every where you go, you do not want that because you want a fast computer that runs to optimal performance especially since you are using your computer for many things even if it is just surfing the web, if you use your computer for business it is at the utmost importance that you make sure you are running at top of the line because you want your business ahead of the pack. People need to find ways to clean up their system and make it faster that is why in this article I will show you how to keep your computer running like it is brand new.

Number one advice that we can give that I have found that works great is look into the browser you are using may be that browser is not the best for your system. You will find if you are using internet explorer some times you may have issues surfing the web application close down pages close for no reason that is because of a unsecured network, anyone can latch on to your connection if you do not have your passwords or any passwords on your wifi connection which in turn may make your system run haywire. Why because there are people using your Internet to make them selves not have to pay and that will slow down your computer almost to half because you are sharing your entire Internet with someone and they could be misusing it causing you to have major problems with your system. I found that my computer was running a little slower so I put on some passwords on my wifi and made sure that no one was breaking into my connection and also I tried a new browser and I found that my computer ran at least 3 times faster download were quicker I was a very happy camper. To understand correctly your computer gets signal from the internet back to your computer well it gets plugged up if other people are using it and then will cause major lag, every one hates lag even if you do not play video games it is one of the most annoying things that can happen to your system it is a delay in time or almost a waste of your life. We found that in time your system will adapt just like any other computer will but you want your computer to adapt to a faster speed so that way you are not, Having to get use to a slow connection and someone with just a little faster connection can bring a smile to your face and have you wanting to use your computer more and not having to worry about other that may tap into your network. People hack into your network for many reason one they cannot afford the internet on their own or they are cheap and do not want to pay for internet protect your hard earn money and do not let these people break through you computer and use your internet. Try using firefox I have had a lot of success with that program because it monitors a little better than say internet explorer but it is all about find the right program to use for your computer.

Now they are other ways your Internet can be slower, one is having your computer having a pesky virus, which you got from the Internet. There are many ways to get viruses you can open an email and get on you can go on the internet and get a pop up virus, those are my least favorite they never stop popping up and also there is the fake malware which says if you buy me I will go away and all you want is for program to go away because it is reeking havoc on your system. There are also viruses that can be put through your email which you think would be the safest thing but you open an email and bam you have a huge virus on your computer slowing your internet down. I enjoy using my computer to myself from viruses and anything that could impact my computer from having any problems. There is also a program that is out now that will pretend that your computer is having but it really is not having any problems at all it is called security sphere 2012 it is one of the newest one that the anti virus teams have been working to solve. It hides it self in your computer and having to ability to adapt and change its name. The best way to get rid of it is one not to pay for it because that is what they will want it will go away but will come back in the future and just make you pay again we want a permanent situation to it. You will need a good anti virus program that will be able to stop that kind of thing happening with a simple scan you do not have to worry about it. They say the best defense is a good offense and I think that is the truth in everything because you want to be able to defend your self against these pesky viruses even if they are old or new, viruses start in 1980s and they have been around every since and I do not think they are going anywhere so you need to get protection because more and more viruses are going to pop up. City times and when people get on may have affect on your computer too.

Think if you and 700 people in your city are going to get on the web at the same time. That will cause major problems for you pc and or Mac because if you go to do anything it will be super slow because every one in the city is getting on at the same time if you want to surf you need to do it when everyone is not getting on about 5 o'clock the internet world is buzzing and everyone is online which can cause problems who are going on the computer. There is also interference that may cause your pc to slow down or Mac you have to look where you have your router and modem see if there could be any interruptions from any time of other thing blocking signal or any other electronic device that may take up space. What we have learned some times resetting your connection once in a while and looking into moving your things may have a big impact on how fast your connection is even if it is only like ten feet you will see that you are having no interruptions as you go on the internet. We have tested this time and again and found that any thing can cause interference it is just that you have to have right place to put your computer and then you will be good from any time of interference. Many people do not understand by moving your modem can make you have a difference connection because it is getting a better connection from the internet and a better surfing experience is only what any one wants, when it is hard to connect I have been there and it is a hard feeling so you have to be happy with your connection so that way you feel great about the software and things you bought for you computer do not have a little inference get in your way. Also when people are getting online at the same time you find your self unable to get on just give it a couple minutes before the lag gage stops and then try to get back on, this only happens in bigger cities like new York Chicago because there is a ton of people but say you live in a small area you should not have any problems and if you do you should look for interference that can be happening to your computer.

How do we speed up our connections for most of this article I have talked about way that can impact your internet and give you a slow connection, there is many ways this happens downloading things, malware clients going havoc on your computer, interference on your system, to much built up on your system from every site you go on and having to much downloaded can impact speeds. We have came up with some advice that will help you in the future first have a browser that is best suited for your needs and does not give you any viruses on your computer you may want to stay away from internet explorer on some systems and also fire fox on others and watch when you are downloading things. Delete your cookies and have them delete automatically download programs that do that for free for you, only from protected sites do you do your downloads. I insist that you must delete your cookies from all the sites you invite. The number one thing you can do for your system is get anti virus software programs that do simple scans and make sure your computer is running at optimal speed they are great to have and make sure that you are getting everything great. They stop malware clients in their tracks and always have updates ready for you that will take down the newest viruses and have your computer loving you, with this software you can run your computer at top speeds and have some one always checking your system to see if there are any risky sites that you are downloading from that will not hurt your system. Anti viruses systems are not new they have been around since the late 1980s and they are going to be great to help you out. Do not worry about checking your system either as long as you have it regulated that you automatically delete cookies and you have regular scan and regular updates your computer should run great and there should no longer be any time of interference anymore. In conclusion protection is what we need now a days and antivirus software is what you are looking for.

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