Is That Smart Elevator System Hacking Into Your Smart Phone?

by Keith Williams

This is an interesting question to consider, and it is not so far fetched according to latest developments in the elevator manufacturing industry. For many who work in the larger cities, using an elevator is part of our everyday activity. The same goes for having our smart phones with us all the time. Business is important and we are required to be connected to our associates and clients all the time.

Often we get into an elevator and need to make or answer that all important call. Depending where we are, our signal may by quite strong sometimes, and at other times there might not be any signal at all. There are also times when the signal would simple vary within a small space of time. It would make a lot of sense to ensure that all of the new generation of elevators allow clear cellular signal at all times. Similar to WI-fi spots which make it possible to do business on the run. Generally this type of service is used frequently by businesses and individuals for doing simple things such reading emails or even working on that all important correspondence.

Some elevator companies have taken to this concept and have considered to include this kind of technology within their research and development programs. Many are including inbuilt WI-fi with the new elevators. Some are even speaking about including cloud technology. This will be great for the businessman who needs access to his smart phone or laptop or tablet while in transit in an elevator. Beware, this also means new forms of danger.

With all of this technology installed elevators will pose the same sort of dangers that is generally associated with internet cafes etc. You will be projected into an online environment where cyber criminals will be able to promote their activities. As such any device which is able to go online can come under their attacks. This means that you need to have the necessary protection installed before using your device or smart phone in an elevator.

The elevator companies themselves have also come on board. They have assured the public that they will also ensure that the necessary online security is installed on their systems which are going to provide this incredible service. By doing this they also show their commitment not only to provide an extremely valuable service, but also to ensure that the essential security services are in place.

So, the possibility is really out there that soon no elevator will ever be able to interfere with our important business or private calls from our smart phones. An extremely useful concept. So our initial question is not that far fetched. Once we have all of these developing systems in place, in whole new playground is opened for the virus creators to unleash their products of destruction. The frightening thing is that smart elevator system indeed has the ability to be able to hack into that smart phone.

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