How to Protect Yourself From Computer Viruses and Malware

by Keith Williams
How Can We Protect From Computer Viruses

There are three kinds of malicious applications that rein the web and want to gain access to computers accessing the internet. Viruses enter your computer system, where they actively attempt to destroy your files and folder, while corrupting your operating system. Then there is malware who forcefully enters the security of computer systems playing havoc with files and operating systems, Spyware also bridge computer security, but to it totally unnoticed to silently gain access and steal your sensitive personal information.

Unfortunately these intruders increase in number and ferocity daily, forcing the computer user to be on the alert and provide adequate protection to safe guard computer systems and all of their stored data and information. This is achievable when time is taken to address this issue systematically and diligently.

Downloads can be a cause of great concern due to the many unsolicited ones around which can harm computers and networks. These threats often disguise themselves as attractive adverts inviting to be downloaded. It is also good practice to be extremely vigilant when going onto gaming and social sites, as these are often places where these dangers are present in abundance.

Downloading files which end with an exe file extension could also be a potential source of computer viruses. Avoid downloading these when the web site offering it appears even remotely suspicious.

Dangerous downloads sometimes even appear as authentic attachments to email messages. This is not always the case, but just be aware of the possibility. The there is any doubt regarding a download, the reputability of a website, or the source of a file or and attachment; then avoid the temptation to have any interaction with any of these. In some cases, it can be potentially dangerous to your computer system.

Your computer system is only as safe as the security solutions you have in place for protecting its integrity. When addressing this issue ensure that your computer has a reputable solution installed and activated for protection against spyware and malware. Note that there is also some good free computer security software as well. Although there are many anti-virus packages available, never run more than one on your computer. This practice will cause conflict and affect the operation of the computer.

It is also important to ensure that your software is always armed with the latest virus and malware definitions. These also included security patches for our operating system.

While dealing with having a strong protective fence surrounding your computer system, ensure that a correctly installed firewall is running. This will assist in keeping out those threats wanting to steal personal information.

Regular scanning of the computer system is a sure way of destroying and keeping potential threats at bay. This should also be carried out on any external storage devices including CDs and DVDs which are inserted to your computer. Whenever your PC acts strangely or displays a decrease in performance, run that scan as a potential malware could be harbored within the computer system.

Even unknown or suspicious looking icons which appear on your desktop should alert some concern. Never click on these as an unknown virus could be activated. Run a full scan for potential viruses, spyware and malware.

When your system has become infected with any virus, spyware or malware; avoid the temptation of trying to clean up your system yourself if not 100% sure. You could be aggravating the danger and the amount damage being caused as the danger becomes more deeply entrenched with the computer. Rather call in the help of a professional as soon as possible.

As a final word, it is important to be aware and to do everything possible to prevent such a danger of getting access to your systems and valuable data. New threats are being released on a daily bases and you should be ready to intercept and combat these.

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