How to Protect Computers from Viruses

by Keith Williams

If you are looking for ways to protect your computer from the threat of viruses, then this article may be able to give some insight. We are leaving in the age where the internet has become a vital part of our everyday lives. As many of us know, the online world is also the source and breeding ground of many harmful malicious threats who want to infringe on our online security. When they are able to do this, their creators will be given access to our sensitive information, including our identity amongst other things.

It therefore makes sense that before any computer user connects to the internet, that he or she must ensure that their computer system is protected against any of these malicious computer viruses. It is better to take the stance of playing it safe and having adequate protection, than taking the change and placing your information at risk. You can do your part in protecting your data and computer system from these threats by following following two basic steps.

One of the first things to install is a good firewall. A good firewall acts as a security gate which has been erected to keep out any unauthorized access. For individual users the firewall is able to compare the information passing through against specific standards associated with a specific user. If there is any discrepancy between the user and the association, no information will not be allowed to pass through the firewall.

In the case of many companies, users access their servers and the level of access is based on particular criteria. This controls who has access to the areas of the company computer system containing sensitive information. In this case the firewall will also check the user accessing the system and allow access based on the criteria stored in the user database stored within the system. A good firewall thus forms a vital part of the computers armory to keep out malicious viruses.

The second component that must be present as part of the security against viruses is the presence of good antivirus software. When your system has been affected, any good antivirus software will scan the computer system and detect the viruses. The software will then be able to eliminate the viruses completely and will also attempt to reverse the initial damage caused by the intruder.

When you are in the process of acquiring antivirus software it is important that you make a good study of your system and have an understanding of its requirements. This step is important in guiding you to choosing the correct solution for your specific needs. Besides the numerous number of packages available to choose from, some of these are available at no charge while others are commercial products that must be paid for. Another consideration before installing the antivirus software of choice, it is to first scan the system for any existing viruses. It is always better installing antivirus software on a computer which is free of any malicious dangers.

There are many experts and consultants available which specialize in matters concerning computer protection from viruses. If any doubt, these people can be extremely beneficial in helping to keep your online experience a pleasant one.

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