How to Avoid Computer Virus Infections

by Keith Williams
How to Avoid Computer Virus Infections

It is hoped that after reading this article users will have some idea of what to do to protect their computers against viruses. The information covered has been obtained in such away that no party involved in this arena will be advantaged.

Computer viruses are of grave concern and it often brings a sense of anxiety to the ill-informed user. The reason is that there are so many of these threats around. They include viruses, spyware, adware, Trojan horses, keyloggers and worms, etc. All have them share one purpose, as that is to affect your computer experience in some negative way. Some of them are able to self-replicate and take over your computers memory and other resources, decreasing performance. Their malicious activities include stealing sensitive information like bank details, IDs and passwords; to rendering your PC non-functional.

Because of the number of threats in circulation the computer user is often left totally confused. It must also be remembered the new viruses and other dangers are being developed constantly. So as a computer user you will always be exposed to them. As a first step it is always important to have an excellent anti-virus solution installed on your computer.

This is not enough but must be supported by displaying computer behaviour which will not place your computer system at unnecessary risk to such malicious attacks. You will need to knowledgeable about whether something presenting itself a threat or not. These techniques need to be practised in addition to having good computer anti-virus software in place.

There many options when it comes to what computer security software to get. Some of these are free while others need to be purchased. So as a first step download a solution from a trusted website such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Norton, Avira, Avast, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc. and save it to a place on your hard drive where you are able to find it easily. Run the computer in administrator mode and follow the installation instructions. To finalise the installation and to enforce the necessary changes to the system, the computer needs to be restarted.

Once installed and fully activated, it is essential to setup a schedule for scanning your computer for viruses regularly using a full system scan. To ensure that the scan is always able to find and destroy even recently released viruses, the anti-virus updates must also be kept current and installed as they are released by the software vendors. Many of these updates are automatically downloaded from the internet when you go online. In addition to this, it is always a good policy to install additional computer security tools where possible. This will enhance your systems protection against these dangerous threats which are in circulation.

Once you have your computer security solution in place and it is fully functional, there are a few practices you need to be aware of and need to implement during your online activities. If a false report pops up reporting that your computer has been infected by a virus do not click on it. Just close it and run a full virus scan immediately.

Emails have become a popular way used by these creators of evil to get their little malicious programs onto your system. Never open links in emails from unknown sources. These want to infect your system and send your sensitive personal information back to the individual who created them.

When on the internet, there are also a few safe guarding practices which will assist your in protecting your system. One of the common introductions used by viruses or other threats are pop ups. They usually make fantastic offers which seem legitimate. Never follow the links they offer. These will only get you system infected and your computer severely compromised or have your data totally destroyed.

People often use disks to share music, movies or software. This can be a potential dangerous source of spreading infections. When such a disk is infected and is passed on from one person to another. Each of these people is at risk of having their computers infected and their information and data placed in danger.

By combining a reputable computer security solution and by practicing safe computing techniques, you will be doing a lot to ensure that your computer experience will be without interruption and threat free.

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