How does Antivirus programs work

by Keith Williams
How does Antivirus programs work

Antivirus programs are something that helps keep your system healthy and clean and watches out for potential viruses by going and stopping threats. Those threats include social engineers and people who steal things like personal information off of your computer, they do that by digging into your personal files and getting what they need so they can get into your bank accounts and with information such as social security numbers and your bank statements it is very easy to do with pieces of information. I enjoy writing about these things because the general public needs to know that without anti virus programs would not work all your things would be at risk. Basically what an antivirus program does is look into your computer and sees if there is anything that is risky on your computer this is done by what is called a scan I am sure you have heard of a scan. For example a scan is like when a submarine looks for landmines that are all over the enemy territory well just like a submarine your computer searches for these files by scanning your computer and see if there is any type of possible threats that can be done to your computer. Also the difference in is that when the computer is looking for these so called landmines they search in a wide variety of areas that you have never ever even been in your computer your self how would you know if you had an virus if you never searched for one.

Anti virus programs they know where to search they see where some programs maybe acting suspicious so it is best that they do some research into those files and find those pesky viruses and alert you immediately. It is almost the same as a submarine because it will beep super loud and you will be notified immediately and you do not be hesitant to remove these pesky viruses because they can be bad for any amount of time and can ruin your computer. Now your antivirus program keeps a book inside of it almost like a huge dictionary what it does is read from the information that was wrote in it and its big database, and says hey is this a virus or is this a virus and it scans your whole computer for those things. Now when the program updates because that is when the whole computer is learning about the software on the computer and more codes are being put in the database so that your antivirus program can be stopped just like a shield it goes up ready to protect. The better word for it would be a barrier only for those viruses your computer builds up a barrier to the words that the developers and programmers put into and stop your system from being hassled by pesky viruses and such. Now do not worry but what if someone sends you a file that is not part of your computer until you accept from a email or download it from some where well that is where your antivirus kicks in gear and says ok let me look for these rascals.

Now when you look into it more your computer searches not only on your computer but what is coming to your computer basically here is where the ultimate offense comes in. They say the best defense is a very good offense which will make your computer not affected by those pesky viruses in the future and stop them from coming up into your system and reeking havoc on your programs so you do not solely have to worry about it. Now one of my favorite things about the antivirus programs is that it looks at your computer programs like a hawk and watches their every move for 24/7 so that a hidden virus does not write itself in anywhere it goes to move and it can crash your whole entire system which is worse case scenario and we do not want that to happen so it monitors like a body guard what actions your computer is taking. The thing again like I said is a good offense makes a good defense so think of your antivirus program software something that is on its toes all the time and is ready for a fight at moments notice. Now do not worry it will not make a choice without your permission it needs you to say hey do you want me to remove this pesky virus or potentially harmful file from your computer and if you agree then it will do its work and stop it in its tracks and help throw it out of your computer.

What the best way and most antivirus programs do is run what is called a sandbox you It runs a test on your computer and looks and see if something is moving on your system or if something is having a melt down it will take care of those for you without you even having to worry and so it does the calculations. For example say you are playing chess on the computer it is like having the undo button lets test this out and see if it works and if not we will just undo it and not worry about it because we can get rid of those pesky viruses this way. Also by this way you do not have learn the hard way all you have to do is let your computer run its simulation and it will see what is going on and let you know that you may have some files trying to sneak off and do what they want. As a computer user myself I find it that it is best that we have choices because what if we know that files is not a virus and we want it to move on its own when it wants and updates such as a face book updater it may say I do not know about this but you trust that program but least you know that there can be actual threats when using that type of program.

Why we are speaking of antivirus programs it is good for the user to learn that some files may be dangerous when you download them only if you absolutely trust something do you download it off the internet because who knows what that could be it could be a macro that wipes our whole system and destroys everything. I think that everyone's concern about antivirus programs is w will I know if it is a virus or not or what can I download or what cannot download and after our team tested and tested we found that if you look into your computer and make a educational guess with some reasoning behind almost 100 percent of the time a virus can be avoided by making choices on what you download on your computer. If a file looks risky do not even bother with it because it takes only one mouse click one download to ruin your whole entire system in minutes. Now just because something is set in stone does not mean that it is right what I am talking about is that you should use your perception on what you feel is right because the job is to detect the virus not to be able to get rid of them. You use the option whether or not your are going to get rid of them with your judgment because some files can be seen almost as a virus but they could be just sharing the same code or having some risk having the same. The main key to having successful antivirus program is not only have a very good program but having some knowledge on computers to where you understand what is good and bad and what is a virus and what is not it will make the world of difference when you are choosing a new type of antivirus program.

Think of an antivirus program like your partner you need him to help you do things and make sure that your running to your full potential because with some of those errors that we have talked about your will find your self learning more and more about your computer and your antivirus software. Also one of the best ways that a antivirus program does it makes those pesky viruses go to jail as when in finds it, they take it to a storage facility of some sorts that is built in to your computer. See a virus sometimes well most of the time has a pattern that it follows which makes it readable by your connection and your antivirus software you will find your self understanding things a lot better when you have this concept down that viruses are sent in patterns and your computer reads that pattern by looking through your computer for that virus pattern and like a search and destroy mission it will either jail it or leave it alive. See what most antivirus programs do they use the Virus Dictionary approach by looking into its knowledge of viruses and codes which this is the most popular because a lot of computers find this interesting and want to use it for their own benefit. We have studied many antivirus programs and we find that it is best to think of your antivirus program as a partner and that suits to your needs, you need a program that you can use for your talents say all you do is write on your computer and you do not want having Microsoft problems because that is what you use to write, you tell your computer to basically look for any problems that could possibly complicate your files to that and make sure there not corrupted because that is your lively hood. I find that people who use their computer to make graphic designs should also make sure that there projects and research are not at risk because if they lose that it can be devastating.

We want with this article to make sure you understand what antivirus programs can be used for, they are used for making your computer safer and making sure that you do not lose anything that is personal to you, such as files, personal information, and your computer in a whole because it can happen. We found that it is best to keep your needs, whatever your computer needs are then you should take those into account because those will protect your computer and what is most important to you so that way you do not lose that information. Antivirus programs working by blocking out pesky viruses that the developers of the software writes codes that makes you able to write and do everything on your computer. These put up blocks, which is called the firewall, which stops your computer, like a shield so that way no unwanted program gets through. Also one of the biggest thing is when your computer does a scan it looks through your files on the computer which helps you because you may already have a virus and not know it, your computer finds those pesky programs and lets you know and asks you if you should destroy that file because it would be beneficial to your computer and you're the life of your computer. Computers these days are very expensive it is almost like a car payment for a really good one and you do not want that ruined because one search and download that you made on the computer. Tips from the pros never download something on the internet that may be shady behind it because nit is not worth corrupting your system even if it is something that they are promising I enjoy having a computer and having my software that protects it. Having a computer is an responsibility and it is our jobs to take care of our computers so that is why there is antivirus programs.

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