How do I keep my Computer Virus Free?

by Keith Williams
How do I keep my Computer Virus Free?

Pesky viruses have been around for a long time since the early eighties and they start out on floppy drives. They are a big problem in today's world because they involve all sorts of problems to your computer as in lost of information you losing everything on the computer such as programs, personal information, pictures, bank account information which these people who created these viruses can get on your system and them steal your information. They come in all shapes and sizes they viruses some can attack your computer through email and some can attack you through what is called a macros on some files where they just attach themselves like an unwelcome guest. I will explain in this article ways to stay virus free and to no be subjected to any loss of information or anything that can harm your system you will learn ways to save your information and stop this attack before it becomes to harmful for you system to take and you lose everything. There are many ways to prevent it but you are going to go on the internet so you have to be prepared what is out there and be ready for the world of pesky viruses and best software that can sometimes lead to viruses and emails.

The number one way to avoid viruses is to keep your system clean, if your system is not clean you are just making a gateway for these criminals that created these viruses a way into your computer and you can not do nothing to stop them at all. There are a lot of things that you can do to stop these people and not to harp but keeping the system clean is amazing you can know what you are doing at all times and also stay ahead of the game and not let no infections take place. Although keeping your system clean is a great thing it is need with a couple other things or you will not be successful in keeping viruses from coming into your computer and reeking havoc on your system. Make sure to always delete your cookies that are on your system get rid of any programs that you have downloaded from the web because they may be harmful and watch opening them because they can bite and what I mean is like a pit-bull and clamp down on your system, they will have your files and there will be nothing you can do about it because there almost impossible to get them to let go. We enjoy having a clean system it makes our computers one look very professional and also very organized they say organization Is the key to everything because you can become very famous if you do that because you will gain a reputation of respect and honor for you services that you have done.

Not only by keeping your system clean but also you have to be smart how you view the internet because it can help you big time that you have help from people all the time. Viewing the internet can be a double edged sword it is hard to sometimes surf and if you find some thing you like it may be to good to be true and you will find your self looking at something you should not a lose a lot of information because of your curiosity. That is why you need something that can detect what you are looking at in seconds and you can find that on you're anti virus program which will detect those pesky software bugs and those dang viruses. I like when people use the Internet and not know what is out there, you have to be careful because you can lose everything in a matter of minutes from downloading a virus, if something sounds to good to be true it probably is you need to have protection from these viruses. A way is that you need a good anti virus program to help you in the protection against those pesky viruses and also malware clients and anything that may affect your computer. You need something that will run with you on your computer that will not slow you down, you need something that will run to your speeds say if you are a gamer you need a fast antivirus system to keep up with you so it does not slow down your computer and protects you from people trying to steal your hard work when you play those video games. Experience comes from learning about virus and unfortunately having one but if you are lucky to not have one ever, then bless you but it affects everyone because viruses are now that widespread and the best way to combat that is to have an anti virus program that goes to your needs.

You need something stealthy that way your computer hardly knows it is there but it will come out of the shadows and protect you any harm that may come your way in the future. I enjoy having an antivirus program because it takes that pressure off me of what if I download this and I get a virus no my computer will stop it before it can go in to overdrive and do damage to my computer. A lot of people think that if they just keep there computer clean that they will not be affected by viruses of course you are correct to a point you are less likely because you took the correct steps but you are going to lose the battle eventually it came be from. An email or something else but it will strike your computer if you use the internet because that is where they dwell so you need something to scan your programs and see if something is in your computer. If you are lucky you will understand what virus is affecting your system and stop it at the root pulling it out before it spreads if not then you are looking for damages that can not even be counted because how much is your pictures worth to you. Anti virus programs they target these viruses by being clever and having the best detection in the world. Your computer will know it is a virus before it has time for it to take its course, so you can pull that root out before it causes damages to your system. You have to watch out for that because you have to learn yourself what the damages can be. It is one thing to rely on your anti virus program that is great but you will not learn nothing from it. You have to find the name of the virus find what it does and what its function it is to become a great at finding viruses because it will make you savvy to stay away from those programs or files that have those viruses inside them. Remember when dealing with viruses you want detection that is your main goal in the fight, because if you have that then you will be ok in the battle because you have the upper hand that will protect your information.

Now anti virus programs are great that come in all shapes and sizes and you need to find what is best for you and your computer so that way you can run smooth just like butter. You have to use the idea that your computer is your friend and you want to learn and grow with it so just like a infant you have to find what is the best thing to calm them down with a bottle or some type of answer same thing about your computer. You need to look into your computers needs maybe if it needs a scan every couple days just to see how it is doing or look in to what has been bothering by doing the scan and maybe not visiting the site or program that is causing the problems or download it from a different place because the place you downloaded it from may give you a virus. It is hard to think of your computer as something that is living breathing but it is the best way to go about it because it is almost like another addition to the family and you want to protect your family right. Your computer could hold so much information such as important tax information and important photos that are priceless so that is why you back up your computer too just in case your antivirus programs fails you still have all your information. When ever you are in a war you always have a back up plan and a lot of these anti virus programs gives you an option to back up your information in a simple task and protects everything. The cost is something like 30 dollars for the program but what is your family photos and tax information worth to you. I have always thought maybe it is best to think of an anti virus program like a friend because you have to make him the same as you because you want to mesh because you do not want it slowing down your system at all. Someone who runs an IT department would want something with heavy detection and root up viruses before it happens because that is their business in there computer which runs regular scan and roots out those viruses in an office type situation. Now say if you are a regular user and use your computer every day you need a little less protection, which will keep you safe from those pesky viruses.

How do you keep your computer virus free , it is a easy concept when you are educated on the subject and you know what to download and what to not download I can tell you that download anything illegally gives you a greater risk of getting a virus because that is where people can get all kinds of viruses so I ask you to stay away from those programs just so you are protected from anything that can harm your system. What is so great about anti virus programs is that some come with a tech line yes you can talk on computer and learn things about viruses with educated people who will help you and know what viruses are coming at you and what you will have to do with your program teaching you and that adds a lot of experience and value to your computer when you use it. Also that have smart chat where you do not even have to call you can type in what is going on with your computer and they will search every possible outcome and have you do things to your computer to stop that pesky virus from reeking havoc on your computer and protect you. Definitely you want to trust the people who have gone in and made the programs and have been trained in virus protection because they will know what is the best so take that into consideration when buying an antivirus program because do you know how to remove all the viruses that dig deep into your system, probably not that is why it is a great idea to get protection and help from the experts on your computer. Everyone wants to know what is the best antivirus program because they are all looking for the ultimate defense for their computer well that is an complex answer, you need something that comes with your needs and works with your computer and the user because that is the most important thing you can look at. To fight viruses and keep your computer clean you have to look into many things you need a clean system and also you need a good anti virus program. So in the fight on the virus world you need to prepare your self as fast as you can.

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