Free Antivirus Software Programs

by Keith Williams
Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus protection is important for any person who does a lot of surfing on the internet. There are times when even our financial position dos not allow us to purchase the anti-virus software which we know is important for safe causing our computer system. Thankfully there are a few alternatives and some of them will not cost you a cent. Six such products which have received accolades from PC world will receive some attention. These are Avica Anti Vir Personal, Alwil Avast Home Edition, AVG 8.5 Free, Microsoft Security Essentials, PC Tools Antivirus Free Edition and Comodo Internet Security. All of these are totally free.

Free software is a useful alternative if commercial anti-virus solutions are not affordable. Even though it is an alternative; there are some important issues that need to be highlighted. All of these no cost software is not as complete as the commercial ones. Technical support is often not part of the free software deal. Many do however have extremely active discussion forums where useful information can be obtained about a particular package. Others may offer pay per call service for technical support. Then we also have a product such as AVG for example which charges the ridiculous rate of $50 if you want access to telephonic support.

Whereas reputable commercial anti-virus software usually has daily updates ensuring that they are able to offer up to date protection against these malicious threats, this is not the case with the free software. They do have updates, but not remotely as what is provided with their commercial partners. Regular updates have become as essential strategy in the fight against online threats, as new ones are released on the internet practically every day. Other short comings are also apparent. An example is Avira anti-virus. The paid version scans all incoming and outgoing data which the free version does not offer.

Many anti-virus software houses use their free versions primarily as a marketing ploy. These free versions often include annoying toolbars or pop ups which attempt to persuade you to buy the commercial product.

If you want to buy anti-virus software but have yet made up your mind about which one to buy, then you do have an option to test the full version for a limited time without having to pay a cent during the trial period. A good example of a commercial suite with good trial option is Norton Antivirus Free Trial. It allows you 30 days to evaluate a fully functional version of the commercial package. At the end of the 30 days you need to purchase the full version known as Norton Internet Security Software if the software meets your expectations.

The advantage of using such a fully functional trial version is that it allows evaluating and getting full hands on experience of the real commercial suite. It allows you to have a closer look at features that could be a source of annoyance if you were to purchase the commercial version of the software. Look at its resource utilization as this will affect your computers performance. Others might have messages which pop up and inform you about current processes and status reports. Have a look at some of these factors and avoid them before deciding on a final version to purchase. Then of course you must look at the regularity updates.

At the end of the trial period, you can decide to go with that software and buy the commercial product, or you can spend some more time evaluating a trial version of another software package.

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