Five Best Ways to Protect Against Interception

by Keith Williams

Many businessmen depend on consultants to assist them with advice for running their business successfully. These consultants were usually employed to aid with the financial and physical affairs of the business. Today, there are many businesses or individuals who keep a close eye on their competition and who would do anything in their power to gain their market share. They will even go as far as employing methods of interception. Because of these developments, it has become essential for a thriving business to have a good security plan in place. This security plan should include traditional security measures, and must include an area that focuses on and is knowledgeable of anti-interception techniques.

One of the problems are that the devices used for interception has evolved to a high degree. Many of these devices are so small that they could easily go undetected. Many of them are even too small to be detected with the naked eye. Many of these devices have been developed using nanotechnology. Fortunately there are many anti-deception devices available which can successfully expose the presence of a spying device.

Some of these devices are able to detect and warn you about the presence of hidden cameras or microphones. There are two types. The one is a stationery device which you attach within your working environment. This type of device scans your work area and when a spying device enters your working area, it will give you timely warning of its presence. The second such device fits into your pocket. This device will alert you if such an interception gadget is in range by giving a beep. These two devices will provide you with the opportunity to take the necessary steps to counter the interception device.

Then there are the devices which offer protection by guarding your telephone conversations. The most well known one is what is called a scrambler. It will send a scrambled signal to any hidden microphone so that who ever is trying to listen in will be hampered. A signal-suppression device is similar to a scrambler accept that it produces white noise which prevents a conversion to be recorded on a dictaphone. This device is useful for cellular phones as well as radios.

Even with all of these anti-spy devices in place, it does not account for the human factor. This is the most common way by which a companies information is passed on to its opposition. Businesses must never loose sight of this probability as well. It is important that business owners must ensure that their personnel is trustworthy. The situation could such that internal monitors may be essential.

When it comes to anti-interception devices, the one of choice suggested by most experts in the field is the scrambler. It it is easy to attach to most telephone systems and uses encryption to scramble the signal to the hidden device. The scramblers are highly effective and can be attached to the telephone permanently without any lose in conversion quality.

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