Erase the Redirect Virus Off of Your Computer: Important Information That Will Help

by Keith Williams
Erase the Redirect Virus Off of Your Computer: Important Information That Will Help

Many online users do not just wonder around the internet at random, but have a specific purpose in mind. This will include visiting particular websites. While on such a goal- specific visit to the internet, there is one application that can interfere with your purpose and without permission redirect you to totally unrelated sites. That is the Google redirect virus. The one thing about this nuisance is that many anti-virus applications are unable to remove it from your system.

In order to work out a strategy to remove the virus from your system, it is important to know how search engines actually work. Whenever a search is carried out using one of the search engines and you click through one of the suggested links, it may seem as if you go straight to the selected site. What happens in reality is that you unknowingly first go to a special link on the search engine so that a profile may be established of the type of sites you visit. The redirect virus uses this background activity to sense when you go online and can then use this information to bring disorder to your internet experience.

Most viruses leave some sort of foot print which makes it possible for anti-virus software to be able to recognise and eradicate them. This is not the case with the redirect virus. It leaves no trace. It redirects your web settings in the Windows configuration permanently and then it disappears. Although then out of sight, the influence of its actions will still affect your whole internet experience. To eliminate this virus, it is important to be able to recognise its main site of action. In the case of this virus, it is directed at the Windows configuration and settings which impact and influence web browser action.

There are a few ways for neutralising the effects of this virus. These solutions can be located quite easily by doing appropriate searches online. ComboFix is one of those software solutions which can eradicate the redirect virus. It is able to do this by performing scans and remedying procedures based on user directed input, which is different from other anti-virus software which basically scan your system and in the process are able to locate viruses.

Besides ComboFix, the Internet Explorer web browser has a feature where users are able to reset its settings to what they were when the computer was setup for the first time. This will also reset any settings that were made by an application such as the redirect virus. By performing such a reconfiguration, you will be able to again browse the internet without being under the influence of the redirect virus.

Besides these two solutions which have been mentioned briefly, there are other techniques which can also be followed with success. Many if these can be found in various discussion forums on the subject which can be found on the internet. There are also some other sites owned by experts specialising in the removal of the redirect virus.

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