Do Antivirus Software Vendors Write the Viruses That Cause People to Buy?

by Keith Williams
Do Antivirus Software Vendors Write the Viruses That Cause People to Buy?

For some time now this has been an object of great speculation that computer security vendors themselves are also the creators of all the malware on the internet. The dust just does not want to settle on this one.

It is quite a displeasing theory that it is possible that viruses are written by the vendors themselves. They deny this in no unsure terms. To make matters even worse, there are many bogus anti-virus software which are an exact replica of the real thing. This resemblance is often so close that these apparent anti-virus solutions even display the same toolbars, utilities and tools that are found in the genuine product. That's not all; they even offer the same level of protection from viruses and malware. Mistakenly downloading these will often give a Trojan access to your computer system, this will expose your personal information to the danger of being copied and transmitted to the evil developers who wrote these applications in the first place. So doing, the information can be used in unlawful activity without you even being aware of it.

There are also many who believe then in order to sell their software developers of computer security solutions do not make their products 100% effective on purpose. This is an insane as the first thought that they write the viruses. Each year that vendors that develop this software spend millions of dollars in research and development to write applications which are able to neutralize computer threats from viruses, malware and hackers.

It has become an extremely profitable business to become a coder of any form of application that has the ability to harm computer integrity by using the internet as a launch pad. There are so many variants of these malicious applications around. Their developers use sophisticated software tolls in their effort to generate huge amounts of income from their illegal online business ventures. Starting figures released by the Daily Mail has revealed that the small amount of $1200 is required to start a business in the manufacturing of illegal malicious applications. On the flip side, the vendors which produce software to combat this scourge need to employ large teams of individuals globally to monitor when new threats are released on the internet.

The anti-virus software market has become an extremely competitive industry and about 20 leaders in the field are competing globally to become recognized as the producer with the best software for combating virus activity. This sets the scene for the users to have the best available software to choose from. All of this is possible because the concerted efforts of the vendors to develop solutions able to fend of various forms of malware attacks. The reward for developing a winning solution could afford the reputation as the leader of the pack in the industry.

In all aspects of life good and evil always co-exist. This is also true for the online world. However, the fact that both malicious threats and the software that combat these dangers are all in close proximity of each other is no grounds for linking the vendors to the presence of these viruses, malware and spyware. If there were concrete linking connecting the flow of money between vendors and malware creators, the legal agencies would have uncovered this and taken action ages ago.

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