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by Keith Williams
Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are mostly man-made bits of code which have been written to cause malicious damage to computer systems and networks. The kind of damage they are able to cause has an influence on how computers and operating systems are able to function. These malicious little applications have the ability to spread from to computer to another with ease on a network. Their creators have evil intentions of stealing your personal information or to incapacitate your PC. Initially removable media such as memory cards, disks and external drives were the main source of viruses, but these have been bypassed by the internet as it increased in capacity.

Fortunately there are packages called anti-virus software, which is able to provide protection from these doers of evil. It is available from authorized sellers, but can also be downloaded from the internet. Commercial products must be purchased, while free versions are also available. Each solution offers their own unique set of utilities and therefore no single anti-virus package is able to offer complete protection against all of the known viruses in circulation. The solution you eventually decide on will depend on how you use your computer.

PCs which are not connected to the internet may require a basic freely-available package whilst a PC used to connect to the internet regularly needs to look at a solution offering internet security as one of its utilities. Even if you computer is used for going online and you only visit trusted and reputable sites, the type of production you need could be provided by one of the free antivirus solutions. For more extensive use of the internet, and especially if you utilize the internet to carry out your core business, an investigation into more expensive solutions offering more advanced protection is definitely warranted.

Use professional help, or read free antivirus reviews and visit forums on the subject to help you decide which software solution will best meet your requirements. Even search the internet using appropriate search engines and keywords for valuable information. Microsoft Windows home users have the option of downloading a free software suite called Microsoft Security Essentials to protect their PCs. For many, this could be the only solution that is needed. Once the decision is made about what route to follow, download or purchase your anti-virus software without delay.

Now that the computer software has been installed and running on your computer system, there is still work that needs to be done on a regular bases. New computer viruses are created and released onto the internet on almost a daily bases. An anti-virus solution which is current today may be outdated within a short period of time. Computer anti-virus software vendors regularly bring out updates and free antivirus reviews of new virus definitions to be able to keep the protection they offer current.

When you are connected to the internet for extended periods of time, the possibility of being exposed to potential risks from computer viruses also increases. So it is essential that you ensure that you always have the most current update of your computer anti-virus software installed. If this is not done without fail, then there is no-one to blame if your computer gets infected with a new computer virus. Even the software vendors are innocent on this one.

Your anti-virus solution including the regular updates must also be appropriate for your operating system. Anti-virus updates are usually freely available. Commercial or paid software will often update automatically with the new updates as soon as you connect to the internet. In most cases these updates are released on a daily bases. Some free anti-virus solutions need to have their updates installed manually. Also, their updates are not released as regularly as that of their commercial counterparts.

If you want to have the assurance that your computer system is adequately protected against malicious online threats, then investing in good anti-virus software is essential. Make sure that your updates are always current. Anti-virus software does not often offer good protection against malware. The addition of good anti-malware software is definitely advisable.

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