Computer Virus Removal and Protection Tips

by Keith Williams
Computer Virus Protection

Irrespective if the manner in which our computers get infected by a virus, we will need to get the threat removed as soon as possible at all costs. In this regards, the small effort associated with safe guarding our computer systems is well worth all the effort, if we consider the time and effort to remove such an infection. A virus and malware incapacitation of computers is often the reason why they end up at the repair shop in the first place. Sometimes the computer user is able to trace back all of their steps prior to the computer starting its strange behavior. This could have been initiated by unintentionally opening a file produced by a computer hacker. Could even have been an email attachment or a download from a website. The danger may be that as soon as the virus infected your system, it went undercover immediately. Such viruses usually announce their existence at later stage.

Computer technicians are often grilled about reliable methods for preventing threats from viruses infiltrating computers. A common response would be that each one should ensure that their PCs are protected by a reputable anti-virus program. Two such anti-virus products are AVG and one that is free for home use, viz., Avast. You should keep your protection system activated. Avast also requires that you maintain your registration to ensure that you are always protected. Most home users seem to use the computers predominantly for frequenting the inter net. So it makes sense to upgrade to the paid version of Avast which includes a strong internet protection module which is not part of the free version.

In addition to have adequate security from anti-virus software, anti-malware scanners are also an absolute must. There are two modes for scanning your system. The first one also called scan on demand will perform a system scan only when requested to do so. The other mode is called real time scanning. Computer software which uses this mode is able to intercept malicious threats before they are granted the opportunity to infect your hard drive. For a system that gives you an excellent level of computer security, you should consider anti-virus software as well as anti-malware. It does require more user input and action, put will be worth every bit of the extra effort. Many computer technicians prefer Tea Timer from Spybot Search and Destroy as a malware scanner. It performs an excellent job in tracking all changes occurring on your system. This particular application will also requests that an application be added to the startup list in order initiate automatically as soon as windows is started up. It does require user input, but you will have the assurance that your system is well protected.

You are in fact the best your PC best defense against malware threats. The normal computer user should set up a routine which is easy and is repeatable. It should be performed every time the PC is utilized. This is also applicable for the software you use. For example, many users will use Skype, and Office Suite, some music software and a web browser. Do not change your programs just for the sake of changing.

If unsure, never open strange file or window. Any such error could cost you unforeseen expense and will include another visit to the computer repair shop.

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