Best Internet Security 2012 - What's the Best Internet Security Software For My PC

by Keith Williams
Best Internet Security 2012 - What's the Best Internet Security Software For My PC

This time of the year is the traditional battle of the prominent internet security companies. They all have launched their latest protection suites and all try to outshine their rivals with specialized utilities they include with their solutions.

It is also the correct time to be in the market for a solution to protect your Pc from online dangers. You have the advantage that at this time of the year you are guaranteed access to the best of the most updated computer security suites around, and the choice is vast. One thing that you may find problematic is making that final choice. The problem is that each one of these suites has utilities and tools which are unique.

All of the contenders for 2012 online computer protection market have been matched and compared. One of them has come out top and has been identified as the worthy winner of the 2012 Best Internet Security Award, and that is Bitdefender. Besides being found to offer the best malware protection over its rivals, the software has also undergone substantial improvement of it older tools and have also introduced a couple of new ones.

Bitdefender includes an excellent suite of anti-malware tools which offer protection against the likes of adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and browser hijackers. Hackers often use a technique which introduces its dynamic code into dynamic link libraries which are responsible for running essential processes on your computer. This code converts these essential processes into one that is able to cause great damage to your computer. Fortunately Bitdefender offers protection against this type of malicious attack as well.

It is also able to block attacks which are intent on changing your computers vital files and registry keys. This software is also the solution to threats which try to occupy your computer memory.

IM systems such as Yahoo and MSN Messenger also benefit from the protection offered by Bitdefender. It protects your messaging systems by ensuring that all spam and spyware is removed. Its phishing feature is even to discern between legitimate and bogus websites.

Besides anti-spyware, any protection solution worth its salt must also include a formidable anti-virus component as well. That is exactly what Bitdefender has to offer. It has been approved and certified by some of the most respected independent test facilities such as AV-Test, ICSA and West Coast Labs. These test facilities put the software through stringent tests which ascertain the ability to deal with different malicious threats, and then score them on that bases.

Its antivirus ferocity is associated with its ability to scan all data transfers to and from your computer environment. With all of this occurring in real time, it is able to intercept these threats before they are able to bridge your computers security. Its active antivirus control center keeps a close eye on each and every process running on your PC and looks out for the presence of any malware like activity.

The Bitdefender firewall has the versatility to automatically adjust to your location, be it at work, at home or while you travel. It also possesses a two-o-way firewall which is extremely effective in keeling out any hackers, malware and spyware.

Bitdefender come with an integrated Wi-Fi monitoring system enabling to ensure PC safety from threats attempting access from its network connections.

Gamers may also benefit from the Gamer facility, which is able does not interfere with the player. It provides protection during gaming and will not interfere when the game is played in full screen mode. This protects the gamer from having to perform their old routine of turning off the firewall during gaming.

With Bitdefender on top of the class again, the hassle associated with obtaining the best protection for your PC and laptop is something of the past.

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