Arm Your Computer System With Antivirus to Combat Viruses

by Keith Williams
Computer Virus

Most people using computers have had to negate a virus infection at some stage, as we become more dependent on this technology for our existence. The increased utilization has also meant that there is an increased susceptibility to computer virus attacks. This has necessitated that all users develop a greater awareness about the steps required to be protected against these threats. It has also become vital to have some knowledge about negating viruses which have infected your computer. There are countless many hackers who are constantly developing new viruses and it may appear as if their sole purpose is to disturb our lives. The reasoning behind this malicious activity actually runs much deeper.

Viruses called Rogue ware have one purpose and that is to rob computer users of their precious hard earned money. A typical ploy is to appear as an antivirus removal tool and requests to be allowed to analyze your PC. When granted, it will report removal of unknown viruses or adware and request payment for a full version of the software. This type of virus has earned its developers millions of $ in revenue.

Computers use a logging system which systematically record all transactions which have occurred and stores and organizes this information in a specialized system database. The creators of computer viruses have realized that this is a great gateway to obtaining sensitive information regarding online banking transactions, bank card information, passwords, etc. When hit by such an infection, the sensitive information is relayed back to the creator of the virus.

The online business has become extremely competitive and could become a great source of wealth if harnessed correctly. Some competitors have created a class of viruses called a Trojan. As its name implies, it disguises as a trustworthy file, often via instant messaging or email. When downloaded, the virus replicates and is able to cause malicious damage to sensitive files and folders. Besides isolated computers, these viruses are able to attack huge networks resulting in system overload. This is a ploy often used to stall rival online businesses competing within the same business sector or niche. Fortunately there are many antivirus packages which are able to negate and remove this type of threat.

Certain viruses are called crippling viruses, make a computer defunct upon infecting it, and prevents any further viruses from attacking it. If this occurs in the case of a server, a denial service in created refusing access by all connected computers. Whole computer networks may be brought to a complete standstill by such an infection

Our great dependency on computers results in a loss of insurmountable amounts of revenue due to virus attacks. This has resulted in dissatisfaction in companies and individuals alike. Fortunately there are reputable antiviral solutions for combating these creators of havoc. The correct implementation of updated antiviral software can save your business even millions $ per year.

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