Antivirus and its key benefits to owning an antivirus Program - antivirus reviews

by Keith Williams
Antivirus and its key benefits to owning an antivirus Program - antivirus reviews

Today there are so many threats in the world and things you have to worry about and the biggest thing is shootings, drugs, people falling victim to anything that may be malicious. There are a lot of people out there who want to see all this go to a end but now a days you even have to worry about owning your computer because they are trying to hack in and steal all your personal information that you have and put it on the internet causing you to losing money and valuable time, that is why you need to own antivirus programs so that way you are protected and nothing can stop your computer from being harmed, take for example that you go ahead and put a lot of work into your computer and you go online and download one bad thing on the web that will destroy your whole computer and put your life in shambles.

I have had experience with this although I did not lose all my information because I had it backed up on my system I downloaded a program that I thought was free that turned out to be a virus it went in a destroyed most of my computer but thank god I have antivirus program which stopped it before I lost everything, it is hard to see where they are coming from they can be anywhere on your computer such as emails, even in your files that you would never think to be harmful but if exposed to an outside source you never know what you are getting. Also when downloading things like rooms I know they are fun but they can cause major harm to your computer that is why I suggest that you buy all your games so that way you are not taken for a ride by these companies that will hurt you.

I have seen many people be skeptic of antivirus programs because they think they cause more viruses which in fact that is something totally different called anti spy ware programs what those are thing on your computer that pretend to be anti virus programs that go in and ruin your computer on a daily basis and they even make you pay money or they will destroy your whole computer it is like a mob boss of your computer and you only have a certain time to pay before they go in and destroy your computer and cause major problems to your system. I have seen people loose everything because they were not taken care of their programs in the right way. To give you a better example a virus is almost like a leech it goes and lives off of whatever is in your computer slowing it down making you think that there is something wrong with your computer and the malaria client that is the bug says hey I can fix that. Your computer goes and fixes it through the malaria while you pay the cost, do not do this because they will keep doing it to get money out of you. The best thing to do in that situation is take everything of your computer do a detail clean go online read some antivirus article reviews find what is the best for you and go in and save your computer and if it can not be saved make sure the virus is not stealing your personal information.

We go about every once a year and regularly have maintenance done our computer because it helps out a lot with what we are doing and it should be required usually costs us about 75 dollars but they go in and put more memory in and fix if there is any problems on your computer and tell what antivirus programs that we should get, keep in mind you should get a program that fits to your needs and is not going ot hurt your system any by slowing it down or having it malfunction So if you are a gamer and you need something to keep up with you but not slow you down then I suggest that you get something with fast detection and that can be helpful to all the games you play so that way some noob cannot send you a virus on your system and slow you down so that way you are ensured a victory on the computer and not have to worry about pesky noobs sending viruses. Now say if you are a business man and you own a lot of computers you are going to want something that is amazing for your computer something also with heavy detection but you can have it slow down your computer a little bit because you want it to be stealthy and watch all files that come and go because you are more prevalent to send files and receive through clients so do not be shocked when they come to your door and say this client sent you a virus trying to ruin your system and you can look and see who your real friends are in the business's world because the competition will do that and try to do things like buy you out.

To look on the bright side having anti virus programs can be fun because you are building a investment for you r computer that lasts for a lifetime of how ever you use your computer because if you use your computer correctly it can last for years my father has a Compaq that he has had since 1998 he get it worked on all the time and has it on the latest software and I be dammed that computer almost runs as fast as mine because you can change processors and download faster speeds it is awesome to think about that. Have a computer for 14 years and still be able to keep I its was only to recently that he got a laptop so that way he could keep his eBay business going so he could be more versatile but he does a great job on maintaining. You have to maintain your system and look into it as much as you can because the longer you can keep your computer the more it becomes a investment because a computer may look cool and fleshly but runs very slowly because of what's inside and what I mean by that what is infection your windows computer on a daily basis.

Helpful tips to keep your computer great, one watch what you download run a scan and make sure you are getting helpful information and all time and your are doing the correct way to download information I have seen computers go down because they did not scan all that was coming to them at all times. The best thing you can do for your computer is do a thing called disc cleanup once a day that goes in and gets rid of all these sites that you have visited and has torn your system apart maybe and gets rid of them they are gone of your computer. Also you are going to want safe browsing watch out for risky sites because they can put harmful information on your computer causing you to loose a lot of information that will go in and hurt your computer further than it is already so keep the computer clean and it will be less likely to get viruses and any time and you will be great. The number one thing in my opinion that is a must if you are going to be on the internet is having a firewall blocker so that way you already have the initial protection from being hurt on your computer there is a wall between you in the internet that looks and waits for those pesky viruses and destroys them on contact you have to watch for that because it may hurt your computer.

Also you should build a partnership with your computer I know it sounds a little crazy but it is a expensive investment, the average computer costs around 1200 dollars for a good one that will run great, why would you not want to protect something that you spent so much money it is just mind boggling how much you can gain by having a good program on your system ready to go. I always go online all the time and try to read up much as I can, because the more you learn the more you will stay protected on your computer and the less you will be infected because you will no where the bad part of the internet is and where the good part that is safe to visit. The number one thing I hate about the internet is the scam artists win a free biped click here now and put in your information if you do that you are just giving in to a scam I do not know anyone that has actually one something because of a survey they are a waste of time and cause you to lose your valuable time and money and are not worth it. Some of them even cause viruses because they will start spamming you emails that have hidden things in them that are viruses trying to leech more money out of you and stealing more of your information. Get smart do not be a victim of this or you will see what I am talking about when you loose your bank statements and your money and information that is on your computer. So read up on antivirus reviews that are many great articles that will assist you in this project and will cause you to gain knowledge and find the best fit for your computer at all time and to me that is what is worth it because I want the best protection for my computers at all times and I am sure that everyone wants that too.

Antivirus programs have been around since the first viruses in the late 1980s they were started on a floppy disk that would be put in and destroy whole computers because there was nothing to do to stop them, although back then this was just as a military tactic because not back them everyone did not have computers at all it was not till the big scare that was know as Y2K the turn of the century when everyone started having computers and people started to invest in protection, even though Y2K was a big flop and everyone prepared for nothing they still did the right because the worms became big then causing millions dollars of damage to property and value of computers and have them becoming big threats. So do your self a favor get protected do not be put in the propaganda that antivirus programs are out to get you it is the exact opposite the ones who put those articles online are the makers of the malaria client and want to hurt you system and cause malfunctions which will in turn have you spending your hard earned dollars to fix it I like the partnership me and my computer have my computer likes me and I like it we take care of each other, I hate to say this but it is like have another pet that is smarter than you.

To hash out and say into simple terms get protected be smart and watch for phony things. If something sound to good to be true it probably is and do not be a victim of that we are all smart people who can look past things that are fake. If you are on the Internet and you think it is to go to be true get another opinion I bet you they will say virus immediately giving you some of your confidence back to stop your self from doing it. Keep a good head and you will not loose anything to pesky viruses.

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