Anti-virus The History and Background

by Keith Williams
Antivirus History

Anti-virus programs were created to stop pesky virus creators from tearing people systems apart. There always good and bad in the world and unfortunately in the late 80’s when computers started to flourish there seemed to be wave of new threats to computers called viruses. What is a virus if you do not know it is something that latches on to your computer slows it down steals your information and kill your information on your computer which may be priceless to you and your family. See viruses started out with one person who would write the code and if that was something that was popular that more and more people would copy the code and send it to more and more computers which would cost a melt down and thus the need for protection because people did not want to lose important information such as stocks and military things. I know It seems kind of strange to learn about the pass but viruses before the world wide web before it was popular like it is today viruses had to be stored on floppy discs and carried around and put from computer to computer which made it still pesky and upsetting that someone would take time out to create a virus but that became the need for thus the protection that we have today and why the viruses need to be stopped. I was shocked to learn that the first viruses were started by floppy disks really like we have enough problems with people all over the world why do we need someone carrying around a floppy disk destroying our hard earned information. Now when viruses became online it started to get more and more popular that people would spend their time creating them because there was no punishment for them they were brand new to the world back in the day and it was almost like a competition to the people creating them. You could be bad without going to jail or worrying about anything because you could start something that could tear peoples lives apart with just a simple virus instead of doing something heinous or something that you could be caught for.

Some of the first virus programs started out as just macros on the computer that can be sent out on the computer that were used in word processing programs to damage other computers. Basically then it became a matter of time before a lot of the people who use viruses started using these macros to damage other people computers and make them not work anymore. The way that you would get viruses is if you were sent a document with a hidden macro or attachment that would damage your system with a virus unfortunately that is really what gave birth to the modern viruses. Then it became worse now with the power of say outlook or email you could be subject to more and more viruses just by looking at an email the threat was possible even if you just previewed the item then it could be even worse it could destroy your computer and give you that virus. Then a little more history if you looked at the world of viruses you would when there was broadband connection the threats worsened because they could come to multiple computers and spam you with email after emails and all you have to do is open one and bam your computer is infected and there was no protection against that so you had to be really careful on what you opened back in the day because of possible threats to your computer. The people and businesses that are affected by this the most is small and medium sized businesses thinking that this will never happen to them.

Viruses can be spread very easily they can be put in a document that is already a whole that you think is safe that can become infected there is no way to track a virus or its spread because there is infinite ways that it can be spread and that is the worst part of viruses is that they can become affected to everywhere even globally in a worst case scenario so it is imperative to had that antivirus programs. Businesses every year lose millions because of viruses and it because they have no software protection all their information get stolen and its looks to be on a global scale. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to get an antivirus program reboot it to your system let it update and make sure it blocks that possible threat in your system. Computers are coming up in the world about every one in the world owns a computer or have access to one or has seen one it only takes one person to start a virus and that is why there is the use for the anti virus programs. Small time businesses are the most affected in my opinion and if you own a small time business you owe it to yourself not be taken for a fool and having your business jeopardized because of one person creating a virus that can affect your computers that you control. Do not become a victim of something that can be easily treated look at this article and see that with knowing the history and education that you learned you know that you can protect your self from these awful people who create this virus through anti virus program. Protect yourself protect your family and most of all protect your lively hood you do not want everything you have done to be in shambles over a virus that someone has created.

In the 1990s it became apparent that viruses were hear to stay and with the advancement in technology we were going to need more protection from viruses because they were become a bigger and bigger threat to us. What were done were more creations of the blockers of those viruses and some of the first great antivirus programs. To be happy about what is going on though is that people took time out to stop these people from destroying our livelihoods and our personal information with the creations of more and more programs we were able to stop most of the big viruses coming through although I am not to mention a typical virus because there are so many of them that developers had to create codes that stop the possibility of more and more spreading throughout the world wide web. The first software was sold in 1989 for about 5 to 10 dollars a piece because of the 1988 scare of some of the first viruses came along and grabbed a lot of the publics attention which made everyone in the world at the time want a virus protection software because they did not want their computer affected by it. It took them only one year to come up with an answer to the problem and there were only a couple viruses back then now there is something like in the upper million of what viruses there are so you have to look back and think how much antivirus software has come and where we are at today. See also there are some draw back to antivirus programs that they had back in the day first and foremost was how to use it and what was telling them what a potential threat was and how you could train yourself to understand what a virus was without be a developer of the software that was only some of the problems that people had with it was deciphering what was virus and what was not and if your computer was already bogged down with viruses and you put an antivirus software on your computer it would completely destroy everything because of to much that would slow it down.

There are two people who argued over who was the first person to create an anti virus programs. The first was which is still argued to this day Bernd Fix was the first person to create antivirus program because some where the first virus was released like I stated early in the article through floppy disk that he came up with a program an antivirus program to stop it. They say the first virus could have been created in a lab and massed produced through a floppy disk later on. Then there was also Fred Cohen who also staked his claim on stopping the pesky viruses he wrote the first paper about them and was creating the same software at the same time when Bernd was creating it. It is a heated debate in my opinion I think it was Bernd because he came up with the first software and he fought the first virus but it was Fred who had the first paper on the viruses so it could go either way. These men were the fathers of the antivirus programs that we know today just simple programmers that developed a system to help the whole world fight computer crime that is what I like to call it. Fred Cohen helped a lot of developers which today we know a lot of their material to be good for the antivirus world MacAfee was one of them and he later became one of the greatest combatants of the worlds viruses on the computer. Without these persons contribution who knows what could have happened and if the internet would have ever been released because there would have been no way to stop viruses so without them we could have been out of luck so I tip my hat to them and say job well done because we could be without the internet. Think about it if you did not have face book or email or and other type of communication we would have been lost in the new generation.

The history of the antivirus software started out with one virus that grew threw floppy disks and then targeted the advancement in computers such as Microsoft word which through macros they were taken more and more viruses. We learned without an anti virus program it could destroy many things and take a lot of information such as how social engineers do and the personal files on your computer. We learned that the first years that antivirus programs came to be in 1989 and was conceived and wrote about in 1987 by Fred Cohen, which helped developers, like MacAfee, which created some of the best antivirus programs ever. Backing up your files investing in good software and protecting your self that is the way to do things in the 21st century because without it you could lose everything and we all want to here success stories for the future. There will be bigger viruses but don't worry because we will always have people looking forward to the future and developers fighting for what is right with new programs and new ways to analyze the system and our computers should feel safer than ever. There are million upon million of viruses and lucky for us those developers took each of them wrote a code against them and protected your computer against them with anti virus programs. It is hard to think of a world without computer and it even harder to think of a world without technology with that said we need to protect which separates us from the animals and that is our computers because without them we are just a step up from the apes. I enjoy reading on the virus programs and how we fought them but as long as you know that the first viruses were started in the late 80’s and you know with a good software program you can protect yourself from virus threat and social engineers then you have nothing to worry about. With that said I would like to end my article giving thanks to all those who work hard to keep our computers safe.

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