Adware, Spyware and Anti-Virus Remover

by Keith Williams

One cannot imagine modern society without computers. These machines have transformed all of our lives and have replaced many of the older technologies and techniques. Some of these processes which have been affected include typewriters which have been replaced by word processing software. Communication is also possible at a totally different level today. However as mans dependency on computers have increased, others have exploited this to produce evil bits of code which are out to damage and render computer systems inoperable. There are special software tools such as adware, spyware and virus removers which can be utilized to protect computer systems against the onslaughts of these malicious applications.

Many of these threats which are directed at computers have different intentions. Some developers have created their little programs with the sole purpose of being a huge source of annoyance to the computer user. One breed of developers creates these applications to demonstrate their great skill and knowledge. Their intention is to attract employment based on potential employers being made aware of their skills. They will be offered a job wherein they may use these skills in operating system development. There is also a third type of developer who creates their applications to target computers for business purposes. Their activity has resulted in the development of a huge support industry, including software vendors focused on detecting, eradicating and intercepting their malicious products.

To have sufficient protection against all of these threats, three software tools must always be at hand. These tools are adware, spyware and virus removers. When you have these tools at hand then your computer will have sufficient protection against many types of threats including adware, spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans, DOS attacks, worms, etc.

Adware on its own is usually a huge source of annoyance. It is characterized by advertising which employs pop ups to spread their propaganda. Their main danger is that adware is often used as a cloak to disguise spyware.

Spyware can be a real problem a real problem to deal with. One of the reasons being that it seats itself within the computers file system where it a go about its work without being noticed by the user. The main purpose of spyware is to track and record computer users online activities. Initially it was used to obtain information about particular users online preferences, but with the introduction of a variant called a keylogger, all your keystrokes are recorded while you are surfing the internet. In this way it is able to obtain vital information such as passwords, banking information, etc.; which it is able to relay back to its developer. That is why it is of utmost importance to always have updated computer security software installed and activated on your computer.

Computer viruses also are bits of code which have been developed to interfere with your computer function. The severity of their activities vary from forcing your computer to shutdown as it exhausts all of the computers resources, to destroying files and folders and to even corrupting the operating system, forcing a loss of data when you are forced to format your storage media.

All of these threats vary significantly in severity but have one main purpose, to break through the security net of your computer, infect your system with the intention of malicious damage which is often irreversible. Take the initiative and ensure that your computer system is well protected by having a current and reputable spyware, adware and virus remover installed.

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