5 Tips for Better PC Security

by Keith Williams
5 Tips for Better PC Security

Everyone who frequents the web, be it for business, pleasure, education, etc. is aware that there are malicious threatening their computer systems the use to gain access to this great resource. These threats are out to do malicious damage to our systems and to fraudulently gain access to our sensitive personal information. We have to play our role by always being aware of these threats and our vigilance will come a long way in assisting our installed PC security software. The software protects us from a variety of harmful applications which include viruses, spyware, adware, worms, key-loggers, etc.

The first thing that you need to do, the most obvious, is to have reputable computer security software running on your computer systems. This should be done as soon as a new computer is bought. It is also a good idea to run more than one type of package as each offers a specific type of protection. This will eliminate the security cracks that might exist with a single software solution running.

All operating systems have regular updates or patches which are usually available online as soon as they are released. These are important and also affect security issues surrounding operating systems. When you have automatic update installed on your Windows PC, the updates will be installed regularly. For Linux systems, the updates are usually available from the repository of the distro you are using. Install new updates on at least a monthly basis.

New viruses and of malware are being created and released on a regularly bases. The creators of security software release updated virus definitions regularly to make it possible for their software to combat these new threats effectively. No matter which anti-virus and ant-malware is installed on your computer system, these new definition files must be uploaded regularly to keep you protection up to date.

Many online users practice a potentially dangerous practice of downloading any type of file or application that is available online. Do a thorough evaluation to see if you really are going to benefit from the download you are about to start. If deemed an essential download, then first scan the file with a recognized anti-virus scanner. It is also essential that these files are always downloaded from a known reputable website.

The last point that will be dealt with here is the one regarding installing free software. Be aware that a lot of so-called free software or freeware sometimes comes bundled with adware or other malicious software. These are often a source of infection for computer systems. Online there are many free games and free game-code breakers available and are often extremely tempting to download and install. Avoid this at all costs in order to maintain an infection free computing environment.

Only five aspects of how to protect your computer security has been dealt with here. These are deemed amongst the most important and probably the ones that you most often will have to come terms with. Applying these diligently will assist you in maintaining that much sort after risk free environment.

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