3 Simple Ways to keep Your Computer Safe From Viruses

by Keith Williams
Computer Defense

The fact that computers and computer systems are continually threatened by malicious computer viruses is well known, especially by individuals who utilize computers regularly. These dangerous little applications are able to sense when the guard of our computer defense system is down and will then attempt to gain unauthorized entry. The consequence of such an attack could be complete loss of data or crippling damage to the operating system. Such an incident may be expensive to rectify and can be avoided by practicing savvy computer usage, especially when surfing the internet.

A major source of infection is from attached files which house the virus without you being aware of it. The problem is that viruses have been developed to such a degree that they are able to infect basically any file type. These include word processor documents, spreadsheets and presentation files. Always be weary of receiving files, especially if their source is unknown. Then there are also emails which often bombard our inboxes. If you are not sure of the authenticity of the email do not open it and risk the danger of being infected by a computer virus.

Many online frequenters have the dangerous habit of downloading files from the internet. This practice puts the security of your computer system or network at severe risk. The danger is increased by several folds when files are downloaded from sites which are not deemed safe and reputable. If you are one of those who engage in this kind of activity, refrain from doing it immediately to ensure your computer may be kept safe from intrusion by viruses. Some infected files on the internet are even bold enough and request to be downloaded. Whenever you are confronted by such a request, the possibility that a virus is trying to win your trust so that you will download it onto your computer is great. Ignore such requests at all times.

Viruses commonly use viruses as a mode of introduction. One of the problems is that some viruses have perfected this technique so well that it fills the whole screen mimicking your desktop. Once they grab your attention, many proceed to run a bogus scan of your computer system and subsequently produce a report of a gross virus infection. These malicious applications then offer their services to clean your computer system. If you give this kind of authorization, you in fact have given the computer virus access to the safe haven of your computer. Always be on the look-out for such pop-ups as the numbers of viruses which use this ploy are on the increase.

We have only introduced three steps which are easy to follow and will assist you in keeping your computer system free from these malicious intruders. It is important to realize that the more you practice safe computing, the more effective you will become in providing a clean environment for your computer system to operate in. Your data and operating system will be kept out of reach from any unauthorized access.

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