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McAfee, Inc
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McAfee has created a small antivirus application which is minimal to block the unwanted malwares which might be spreading in your system.

If you think stinger being minimalistic antivirus may net serve good then think again. It is a dead end for a list of more than 3,000 viruses specified by McAfree. Unlike McAfree in all other antivirus stinger needs to be updated as much as possible.

All the user has to do is the press the red scan button and stinger will be action quickly giving results in the interface window.

The virus will be automatically killed in the process.

The simplicity and advanced feature of stinger has made it a handy antivirus to hang with. The user can view the details in interface and push the option of virus detection. Stinger is an effective tools in the hands of an experienced but the first timers may find it difficult to handle since its not user friendly.

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