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Pen drives or memory sticks are widely being used to carry and move files from one computer to another for sharing data. This sharing of data may also lead in sharing of some virus for your system. Here the Ninja Pendisk comes into act. Ninja Pendisk creates a protective shield for the USB device, safeguarding it always against threats.

It cannot be claimed as a complete antivirus solution.

No installation, simple to launch and will wait patiently until a USB is connected to the system when USB is connected its work. Ninja Pendisk heals all the problems and keeps the shield for future risks.

If the USB is used in public computers then it is better to create a security layer over the USB stick.

Ninja Pendisk stands as a Ninja Protecting and Killing the unwanted viruses and malwares inside the USB stick from the system in which it is used.

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Ninja pendisk review is good, but is true Ninja pendisk is not very good last position is OK for Ninja pendisk.
Ninja Pendisk is a new free antivirus is good work fine from USB stick is faster then avira and kaspersky antivirus.