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The Avira AntiVir is an important player on the security application world having a very good detection rates, in our tests it remains on the top of the free antivirus applications. The pop-up ad is still available every time when the updates are downloaded, this was triggered some user dislikes in the latest release versions. The gaming mode feature will successfully disable all the notices and warning messages. The graphic user interface have minor changes since version 8 however it is considered very easy to use and the new icons from toolbar are good designed, the interface offers a left positioned nav-menu and a central pan to display all important information. In the status section you will find information about last system scan and definition database update.

Users are able to run the diagnostic scans much more easier, the installation process is now easier, only 5 clicks required for completely installation, however the new users should fill the registration form, and one of the most important improvement is that the users don't need to restart the computer after the installation of the Avira free antivirus.

The program offers many diagnostic scan customizations, and users are able to easily scan internal and external hard disks, the full scan of a real computer takes about 65 minutes, the anti-spyware computer protection is now available and new algorithms that will protect Avira internal files are also available in this new version.

In the Local Protection section users will find the Scanner features, quarantine and also the scheduler option, users have now the ability to easily customize any type of diagnostic scan. Every time when a threat is detected the file is quarantined and its information is displayed including options to rescan the file, restore the specified file or delete the file. The heuristic engine offer intensive levels that will help to obtain a good relation between the diagnostic speed scan and system resources utilized. The help services are very good and offers all the information required by the users and by the members of the online forum. Avira antivirus is also a good tool to backup your date including your documents, music, video files and also the registry information of your operation system. The uninstall process of Avira is one of the most faster in comparison to other free antivirus applications.

If you don't have a virus protection software installed on your computer, the Avira will offer you a good and stable antivirus software with good protection against all kind of threads like : trojans, worms,rootkits, spyware and also adware. The application is available for free also the help support is completely free.

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My opinion about Avira antivir (my own review)
Normally people will not have value for stuff that are given free to them. Please mind Avira Antivirus, even though it is free it is a very good antivirus application. Free, but powerful software Avira Antivir Personal Version has certain advanced and unique features which no other antiviruses have such as virus filter for email or for web browsing. It is just a matter of seconds and your system is protected with Avira Antivir. On the other side the software looks very good in design having a very beautiful and clean interface. No virus can escape the deadly engine of Avira Antivir personal.
Avira av Personal is a powerful application have a lot of unique functions such as virus filtering in email.