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AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012 is one of the most popular antivirus software around having a small install package , very easy to use and faster diagnostic scans.

The installation process is now more quickly and all the improvements to the graphic user interface have made the Avg antivirus software easier to use. However the most important improvement is detection engine and removal of viruses which is now about 20% better than version 9.


The installation process is faster, the entire installation process (including download) will be completed in about 4:35 minutes on a good Internet speed, the AVG's toolbar is an optional feature and will also change your default browser search engine to yahoo, If you don't want to install it you have to uncheck the specified box.

Graphic User Interface

The changes to the interface are minor, however they improve the usability a lot, bought the left and top navigation modules are now redesigned and all the controls retain the white text and the dark background and the status icon is now larger. The FIX all button is on the top with the red X button which will appear if your system is compromised. Not to many GUI improvements but however it is now easier to use and more attractive to the users.


The AVG antivirus have new features designed for protection porpoises, one of them is named "smart scanning" which will scan the most important files from the system with a very good speed. The new scanning algorithms will detect if computer is in use and will not interfere with your tasks it will only scan at maximum speed when your computer is idling, you have the option to change the sensitive power of the scanning process.

AVG link scanner is another good improvement to the software and is available in the free version, however it is available as a separate installation package too, this new feature will scan all links and mark them with a green check or a red one in case if the links are not safe.

Beautiful designed gadgets for Windows 7 and vista will help users to initiate diagnostic scans and manual updates with just a click.

The virus detection engine of the free version is now identical with the paid one, this is very important and make us to give him 5 star and to rate it World's Best Antivirus Software for year 2012.

Another new feature is PC Analyser which will scan your registry for errors and also the computer hard disk in order to detect any problem. Broken shortcut detector and new disk defragmenter feature are designed for paid version however they can be used once so users can decide if they love them and buy the premium version or not.

The toolbar may decrease a little bit your browser speed and stability however are used by allot of people to set up their preferred websites like facebook and google plus links.

The AVG Internet security 2012 includes all the features including the firewall, however is not freeware and is available only in trial mode. The diagnostics scans are now three times faster and very low CPU and system resources are used, the boot time is in our tests the most faster in comparison with all other antiviruses.

There are still detected some false positives alerts and detection rate in our test is 99,5% which is very good.

The Avg suite is offering the excellent level of protection in competition with other free/paid antivirus versions and have millions of fans.

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I love AVG antivirus. And I'm happy to see it on number 1!
I am quite disappointed with the absence of Comodo Antivirus, i am using comodo AV for the past few years it is really good it get rids of all kind of malicious software.
Winnie Chong
I know this software with my IT colleague referral. I think that it is good to try it!
In my opinion every time when people are unable to successfully download and install antivirus programs the cause of the problem is in fact a virus already installed in the system that prevented the installation of the protection software.
ken brown
Big problem downloading updates to my acer aspire one - starts then sticks and will not progress. I have tried to remove reloading avg 2011 without success.
One of the most handy antivirus available for personal users. Being small is not a concern in size AVG is in built with all the tools and utilities necessary for the best antivirus software. It has a small installation package providing an effective protection which remains silently minimized in the system tray and only wakes up when needed. This is why AVG is often called as the silent Killer. AVG remains active in the background without any constant bothering or warnings for updates. Users can carry on his work with easy and just forget about PC protection. AVG is a free version, but AVG professional is not free of cost and can also be bought. AVG also has an email scanner which blocks spam from coming into your inbox as spam filter. You require a virus free PC at your home or office then go for AVG antivirus package. The virus definition database of the AVG anti-virus will be updated automatically on a daily basis.
My own small Avg antivirus reviews for all the readers from the website
I will try to make myself an AVG reviews for and all people can read it, the AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011 have better features and stability it is definitely the best antivirus available today and for sure the most popular security program. The installation's process is fast, a small package automatically install and download all the necessary files from AVG servers it has better usability and faster diagnostic scans. The new version successfully accomplished all the information from the review, the scan speed is better the installation is faster and the graphic user interface is easier to use. Everyone's love the AVG's toolbar, the toolbar configure as the default search engine the Yahoo', a lot of people love Yahoo better, however, there is an option in the installation process so people are able to successfully disable the default AVG toolbar search engine. The new interface have minor changes, but actually improve important sections from GUI, the top interface and left menu sections are now redecorated with some light and a black background, the status icon is now easier to understand. The Fix all button for self and automatically repairing is visible when a security problem appear.
I was looking for some AVG reviews, all of them are very interesting, it is the single antivirus software that really help me remove all computer viruses from my desktop PC and from my notebook, it helps me to surf the web keeping my computer protected, I understand that it is used by more than 100 million people which in my opinion is really impressive, it has a fast diagnostic scan probable the fastest scanning speed, I don't get any false positives warnings like other people, the best antivirus for sure.
This av is working very fast I use it since 2007 is the fast one and his virus signature db is big, have a nice form design.
AVG Antivirus Free is good as AVG paid version because it is having the same virus database.
Is true AVG Antivirus Free Edition is the best free antivirus better then panda avast and avira.