Most Popular Antivirus Programs
AVG Antivirus Free 2012 10 AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012 is one of the most popular antivirus software around having a small install package , very easy to use and faster diagnostic scans. The installation process is now more quickly and all the improvements to the graphic user interface have made the Avg antivirus software easier to use. However the most important improvement is detection engine and removal of viruses which is now about 20% better than version 9. Installation The installation process is faster, the entire installation process (including download) will be completed in about 4:35 minutes on a good Internet speed, the AVG's toolbar is an optional feature and will also change your default browser search engine to yahoo, If you don't want to install it you have to uncheck the specified box. Graphic User Interface The changes to the interface are minor, however they improve
Size: 2.2 MB
Avast Free Antivirus 6 Avast Free Antivirus 2012 have a beautiful graphic user interface and many new improvements and also a lot of new fans. The Interface is now modern, much more popular and easier to use, new features that had previously been included only in the paid version are now available for free for all users. Installing process The installing process is easier and similar to AVG but not easier than Kaspersky or Trend Micro, the desktop gadget (WebRep add-on) is automatically installed during the installation process, however for users that don't want to use it, they are able to select the custom install and uncheck all those gadgets and features. Users that already install the antivirus using the standard installation method they have the ability to uninstall any of the undesired gadgets and features. Installing Avast Free Antivirus 2012 doesn't require a windows
Size: 53.7 MB
Avira Free Antivirus 10 The Avira AntiVir is an important player on the security application world having a very good detection rates, in our tests it remains on the top of the free antivirus applications. The pop-up ad is still available every time when the updates are downloaded, this was triggered some user dislikes in the latest release versions. The gaming mode feature will successfully disable all the notices and warning messages. The graphic user interface have minor changes since version 8 however it is considered very easy to use and the new icons from toolbar are good designed, the interface offers a left positioned nav-menu and a central pan to display all important information. In the status section you will find information about last system scan and definition database update. Users are able to run the diagnostic scans much more easier, the installation process is now easier,
Size: 43.1 MB
Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 1 With Panda cloud antivirus almost half of users work is over. All the user needs is to install the antivirus in his system and forget it, the rest in Panda's job to protect the PC. This version of Panda cloud antivirus has its base from the concept of cloud computing. Only the basic version remains installed in the system the core files remain secured in the internet. Software itself updates itself without any manual intervention. It automatically searches for new versions and updates itself. Even though the cloud computing allows the core files to secure over internet the system is guarded even disconnected from the network with local cache running and working at 100%. There are two options to scan the source. One being optimized scan which locates key areas in the system without your knowledge and the other one being scans where the source to be scanned
Size: 52.4 MB
BitDefender Free Edition 10 Upgrading to its older edition, the new BitDefender free edition was developed with the centralized management console; this creates a protective layer configuration for all BitDefender modules. Just enter the management console and access all other modules: - Virus scan, scheduler, update, quarantine, Reports, BitDefender scans the system with the click of the user and cleans the system. The period of scan and update can be scheduled on click. Internet as well as pray servers can be used for update of files.
Size: 72.6 MB
ThreatFire AntiVirus Free Edition 4.7 It there is any threat in your system install ThreatFire antivirus free edition It detects and checks the malicious code installs itself on the PC, which was known as cyber Hawk, catching and innovative features and add-ons have been done on Threatfire after being bought by PC Tools. Root Kits, heuristic-based threats, virus, worms, Trojans, Spyware, adware, Key loggers and buffer overflows are kicked out of system by ThreatFire. ThreatFire uses only a small portion of the computer memory and will not affect the speed of the system. The key feature of the antivirus is that it is highly flexible and user can set his preferences of process, detection, scanning of SCR files created by e-mail client, scheduler and restore point. 15 minutes is all it takes for intelliscan to scan the system and system can be multiused on the scanning process.
Size: 9.2 MB
Stinger Antivirus 10 McAfee has created a small antivirus application which is minimal to block the unwanted malwares which might be spreading in your system. If you think stinger being minimalistic antivirus may net serve good then think again. It is a dead end for a list of more than 3,000 viruses specified by McAfree. Unlike McAfree in all other antivirus stinger needs to be updated as much as possible. All the user has to do is the press the red scan button and stinger will be action quickly giving results in the interface window. The virus will be automatically killed in the process. The simplicity and advanced feature of stinger has made it a handy antivirus to hang with. The user can view the details in interface and push the option of virus detection. Stinger is an effective tools in the hands of an experienced but the first timers may find it difficult
Size: 7.1 MB
ClamWin Portable When simple, powerful and free wards are combined into a antivirus it becomes ClamWin portable 0.96.1 for windows. ClamWin comes with an easy to use QUI, regular data base updates so that's its generally automatically updated. The Developers have claimed to have a high detection rates with ClamWin but its scanning scope remains as other antivirus only. The updating is blocked every time you activate it on the move, which would result in no latest threats. The simplicity and compactness of the software makes it to be handy in a USB stick. It is not updated with real time scanner, so the user has to do it manually for each scans in the computer. Absence of real time scan or automatic updates is engulfed by the features like free, portable and easy to use.
Size: 50.1 MB
PC Tools Antivirus Free 7 For Free protection to the system from virus attacks, malicious attachments in email the PC Tools Antivirus Free 7.0 is optimal destination. PC Tools Antivirus to scan and quarantine infected files and malwares. The user can create schedules for scans and update and PC Tools Antivirus goes as per the plans for the user. Embedded Key Feature called Intelli Craurd, acts as a guard for file system, processes and memory in real time. Protection can be blocked when full system resources need to used. Limiting factor for PC Tools AntiVirus is that advanced settings and Intelli guard fitters are disabled. PC Tools AntiVirus offers a little but key features to the user of the software.
Size: 45 MB
Ninja Pendisk 1.5 Pen drives or memory sticks are widely being used to carry and move files from one computer to another for sharing data. This sharing of data may also lead in sharing of some virus for your system. Here the Ninja Pendisk comes into act. Ninja Pendisk creates a protective shield for the USB device, safeguarding it always against threats. It cannot be claimed as a complete antivirus solution. No installation, simple to launch and will wait patiently until a USB is connected to the system when USB is connected its work. Ninja Pendisk heals all the problems and keeps the shield for future risks. If the USB is used in public computers then it is better to create a security layer over the USB stick. Ninja Pendisk stands as a Ninja Protecting and Killing the unwanted viruses and malwares inside the USB stick from the system in which it is used.
Size: 79 MB
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